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Have any pregnant ladies been under weight in pregnancy i was 45.5 kg when found out pregnant and now 21 weeks pregnant and now only weight 47.6 kg , cos i have a past history of an eating disorder 7 yrs ago they are keep an eye on me which is making me nervse and feel i need to put weight on extra somehow,please help im worried there going to do somet drastic .x

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Hi hun. I was just under 7 stone at 12 weeks! Never had an eating disorder, quite the opposite, I love food! Ive always been little and though he is very tall, my hubby is slim too. I had 3 extra scans just to check little mans growth! He was 6.12 at birth and perfectly healthy. Still a slim jim but followed his centile perfectly all the way through.

Just eat what you fancy when you fancy it and if you start to have any negative thoughts or feelings about food speak to someone. Dont bottle it all up. They cant do anything drastic just because you are light! They just take these precautions to cover their backs! You are doing a great job! ;) xx

Thanku, im just over 7 stone but im eating ive just always found it hard to put weight on since it.were u referd to counicling extra yo ensure all ok letsbehobest?im really upset about it and feel ive done something wtong , i have my 20 week scan tmorow.hope all ok.x

No I didn't go to councillors or anything because I didnt have any history of having problems. Was literally just extra scans and seeing a consultant who didnt actually do anything. So long as your baby is growing thats all that matters! You are doing nothing wrong! Xxx

Thanks a lot, its so frustrating cos they dwel on past history when im actually fine now but have yo cmht and they want to refer me to a childrens center for extra support. Which i dont find i need i just want to enjoy my pregnancy. I panic other day and thought oh no they think im going be a bad parent x

Try not to worry. The Midwives etc just want to check you're doing ok, they aren't thinking if you're going to be a bad parent or anything! Even though you're in recovery now, it's still good to have extra support, they probably take the same actions with other ladies in your position. You have done nothing wrong X

Thanks im just stressed about it all and i dont know what they doing, when i ring i feel like im being judged cos im pestering adking whats it about and why.also if they had any other concerns would they of spoke to me by now.x

If they had other concerns, they would have said.

I genuinely think it's because they're looking out for you. Pregnancy and post-pregnancy is a time where the body is full of raging hormones and emotions. If a person has had a history of mental illness and coping with emotions/changes, it's in the interests of the professionals to check that the person has a support network, just in case. Of course, it doesn't mean that having a baby causes a relapse in those who are in recovery, it's just in case there are any low days etc. hope that makes sense X

Hi frankiboo, all you have to do is make sure you're as healthy as you can be. In fact there's nothing else you can do. As long as you're getting all the right vitamins and minerals and getting enough protein baby will grow just as he/she should. If in doubt you can boost your health by eating a balanced diet focusing on green leafy vegetables, fruit, fish and lean chicken and there are protein supplements like hemp and pea that you can buy at any health food shop that you can mix into a drink to carry with you when you're out and about. Even if you don't eat much just make sure what you do eat is nutritious enough for you and baby. Golden Mantra - I am eating the right things to ensure that me and my baby are getting enough nutrition on a daily basis. Do that and no one can say anything at all. Not even you. Chin up. When I get overwhelmed I find it calming to break things down to the bare essentials and concentrate on that - ie What do I have to do. Focus on nutrition, the rest is biology and will take care of itself.

Thankyou ladies lovely support means alot

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