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Im back

Hi hopefully some off you will remember me from this time last year. I was the 45 year old with the 25 year old daughter. I had to make the painful decision last year to terminate because of major problems.

Pregnant again. This time took highest dose of folic from the hospital on my 5th scan already and everything is great. 15 weeks and counting. Even got my downs test back and I have a 96%

chance of having a healthy baby. We are so happy as my partner is younger and I just wanted to hear the patter of tiny feet one more time. My daughter is happy now too. A really worrying time again the past 15 weeks but there looks like a wee baby will be here on 13th jan 2015.

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Hi Kara1, Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you. I am having my 'second time round' at 40 years old. I am mother to a 14 yo, 17yo and 9 month old. I'm so happy now I'm even thinking my son needs some younger siblings :-)


Congratulations Kara :D I'm so pleased for you, I remember what you went through last time, wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy this time around. I'm 44 and my baby is 6 months old, my husband and I tried for a baby for 20 years then suddenly out of the blue I got pregnant and I now have a lovely baby boy :) our downs test came back at moderate/high risk and because I couldn't face an amniocentesis we had a harmony test carried out privately (this is a blood test that detects foetal RNA in mums blood so can diagnose downs without risk to the baby) my results came back at 1 in 100,000 phew! Being a mum has been one of the best experiences of my life, and despite a slightly gloomy prognosis from my midwife my pregnancy was mostly problem free (pre-eclampsia last week of pregnancy)

Best of luck with your pregnancy and congratulations again x


Thank you. I know it sounds daft but been in and out of hospital getting scans etc but dontreally believe it yet till I get those first movements again. Family are soooo excited they've been makinga list whose buying what haha


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