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Hi, not written on here in a while. I went to the doctors yesterday as I was feeling generally a bit meh. I'm 26wks and thought I was just struggling with the heat. Turns out they detected a small amount of glouse I my blood now I've got to have a further test. Doctors warned it had to be this week. Well I did the stupid thing and googled and now I'm really worried. I'm not over weight and hardly eat sugar so I'm confused how this has happened. Can't wait to get Friday over with then at least I'll have an idea what to do- feeling out of control

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  • Hey, Congrulations. Try not to worry, I was excreating Glucose in my urine on a number of checks over course of pregnancy, I had an early diabetes test and then the routine dated one and both were fine. (In fact my sugar was low not high as you would expect...I have always known something was amiss here so I tend to favour low GI foods to control sugar)

    Hope all is ok, but don't work yourself up, you do not have the facts as yet :-) x

  • Did they say that the problem was too much or too little glucose? Small amount in the blood sounds like too little to me, which can be just as bad as too much. Though saying that, they can't be too worried because you weren't rushed off for the tests, so don't worry too much. It might just mean a small change in your diet :)

  • During two pregnancies I regularly had sugar in my urine, then I would have a random blood glucose test which is a simple blood test and they measure how much sugar is there. Then they would do what is called a glucose tolerance test. This is a test to measure how your body processes sugar. It is basically a test for gestational diabetes. The tests are usually done as a precaution and usually come back normal and if they don't its not anything you have done wrong and it is something that can be helped. Really though sugar in the urine is very common. They will just make sure its not a sign of anything they need to know about

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