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What's going on with my body? When is the best time to test?

I'm 18 days late on my period, haven't been stressing at all, having these pregnancy symptoms. Such as, bloating, hot flashes, eating everything, urinating a lot, cutting the cheese every 5 mins. Movement in my stomach (read that its intestines making room for the uterus) my uterus feels like a grapefruit, I'm always tired. I took a test it said negative, but I read that it depends on the test. I took on in the middle of the day. And I'm going to take on in the morning. I just need to know why am I having these problems and the test says negative

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First urine of the day is best. Tends to have highest concentration of hormones. If it is still negative ask your gp to do a blood test.

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If you are 18 days late then it should not matter what time of day you take the test, your hormones should be a lot higher than is necessary to show a positive result.

I would recommend trying a reliable test like First Response (Lloyds usually have them) and if that does not show anything then talk to your doctor.

Good luck.

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