Periods after pregnancy

Hi ladies, just after other peoples experience, the answers may b on this site somewhere but I cant work it properly since they changed it! Had my little boy 9 weeks ago and bled for about 6 weeks so far no period (not that I'm complaining! ) just wondering when everyone elses returned, I'm not breastfeeding so was expecting a pretty rapid return to normal. Thanks xx

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  • Hi Hun :) hope your little man is doing well!

    Had my little girl in jan, & got my first period 2 months later (not breast feeding either). Been a bit irregular since though, cycle is a few days longer than before- panicked me a little lol

  • Hi, I bled initially for around 6 weeks and didn't get my period for 4 months cycle quite irregular though. I didn't breast feed either x

  • I bled for the first 5 weeks then I got mu first period around 9 weeks and it lasted about 2 weeks. My little girl is now 14 weeks old xx

  • I breastfeed my baby is 6 months and have no period

  • Thanks ladies xx

  • Hi I had my daughter in August and I did t get my first period until December so don't worry if it takes a while. Also don't expect them to be regular it can take your body up to 8 months to re-regulate after having a baby my daughter is 1next month and I'm still having problems xx

  • Well glad I posted, if I'd just waited a week.... aunty flo turned up. Thanks for your help tho ladies. Cheeky monkey, my little boy is doing great, he is my life :). Xx

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