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I'm suppose to be 5 weeks.. But my last EPT was negative? Could i still be pregnant?

So I got my last period on the 3rd of June until the 12th & I had unprotected sex throughout the next days until the 25th of June. I'm sure I ovulated around the 21st & I started spotting on the 28th until the 5Th/6Th of July. i took my last EPT on the 4th of July but it was still negative.

I'm growing frustrated because I'm reading a lot & I just want to know if I am or not. I'm waiting until the 12th or 13th to take another test & then maybe ask for a early ultrasound because i've had nausea (no vomit), lower back pain, elevated temp. for weeks now, soar nipples for a day, little cramps, spotting light pink/red/brown, frequent urinating, tiredness, & moody. I dont know what to do this is my first pregnancy scare... I would be happy to find out I am, but I dont really want a baby because I'm just scared but my Fiancé is very excited to find out. any feedback, sorry for writing so much. i've also has intercourse about 2 days ago, & did feel a little pain like if my uterus was low?... & I have discharged a very white milky substance, I don't know if its another sign maybe?

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Pregnancy tests only work on a certain level of hormones, and early pregnancy isn't always going to show on a test. A thing to consider is that if it's on your mind, psychosomatics can lead to your body acting like you are pregnant even if you are not. Talking to your GP will help, and their tests are usually very accurate - my friend used tests that came negative but the doctor's showed as positive.


I've had a scare like that last month but I got my period the next day or so, but this time it just caught me by surprise. I wasn't thinking about it after the negative result but then after I ovulated I started spotting almost 2 weeks before my actual period. & I'm sure it wasn't my period because it was too light & had no clumps at all.. I want to call the doctor to see if they could do an EP ultrasound because it's just too real. & I sorta don't want to be pregnant because I just feel like i'm not ready so I doubt my mind would be playing games because I'm not going to accept it until I see a positive result you know? I'm just rather frustrated now..


Ever heard of contraceptives? They're quite good at preventing unwanted pregnancy!!


Never that, if I am pregnant I will go on with it a baby is a baby & it's never their fault that I had unprotected sex..


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