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Post pregnancy "kicks"

Hi mummies!

So I had my cherub on the 28th March, at a whopping 9lb 15oz, and since that day I have had great joy every day, even if sleep deprivation is the normal state of being xD the thing is, since week 7 I have had those "kicks" that happen when everything moves back into place. I am now at week 14 and getting them stronger and more frequently, and was wondering if anyone can tell me how long these last for roughly? It feels so strange and I want to know when I will start to feel more human and less like the incubator for a chest burster! xD

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They are called "ghost kicks" and I got them after my first baby. I think it's when your uterus is contracting back.


I knew that it was something-kicks, but couldn't quite remember xP Do you know how long that they go on for roughly? It's very weird and I'd love to know if the end of them is in sight :)


My friend and I had daughters within 4 weeks of eachother and both laughed at the ghost kicks.. mine lasted 7 months, as did hers. However hers turnt out to be real ha ha.. I guess that as long as you arent having unprotected sex you can 'trust' they will go away soon enough :-)


Thank you! Knowing that they should settle down and disappear within four months is a good thing to know :) My sister has had two babies, but couldn't remember when hers stopped, so your knowledge is greatly appreciated ^-^


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