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I have bleeding and pain & I'm 5 weeks pregnant, does that mean I miss carried??? Pls help

. This morning I woke up and I was bleeding little, I thought it was spotting until through out the morning the bleeding began to get heavier and a bright red color. In mid afternoon I began to feel cramping in my lower back and in my abdominal area. The pain lasted for about a hour but then went away. I am still bleeding but there is no clotting at all. Pls share your stories with me. I'm 18 years old and I'm afraid I might lose my baby :'(

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Call your Dr ASAP....


I had exactly the same at 5 weeks as I did with my first, they called it an implantation bleed. I went to the doctor who referred me to the early pregnancy unit where I had a scan at just over 6 weeks, everything seemed fine but no visibility of an embryo I have to go back this Thursday. It is a nervous time for you, best thing is to see your GP immediately. Take care xx


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