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due to waters breaking 20weeka n preterm labour 28week had emerge c,sec. son passed away 4days old.. whats chances of it happening again?

-there was no reason for waters breaking (infection ect) n was kept in hospital for the 8 weeks till he was born with constant monitoring.

-this was in june 2013 n looking at trying again soon.

-Im 26 yrs old n this was my 3rd pregancie with no previous problems with other 2pregancies n not misscarriges x

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So sorry for your loss. Sometimes life is just too cruel for words x


Sorry for your loss. Can't imagine how hard that must if been. I doubt it would happen again. So, if you want to try again, then go for it. Remind yourself you have two other healthy kids and no reason why you can't have more. Best of luck x


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