Am I going to be okay?

I just found out that I am now about 5 weeks pregnant. I have had a little bleeding. It started out as a little bit of brown, but then yesterday it started to lighten up pinkish, then this morning it was brown again, now it's later in the evening and it's lightening up to more of a pinkish red color. Not a lot of cramps though. I haven't had any clots. Not enough blood to fill up a pad. Just lite bleeding but it's getting darker. I've made a doctors appointment for this week just needing some reassuring until then. Will I be okay?

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  • Hi I have read lots of posts that say if it's brown it's old blood and that yes the likelihood is you will be fine. If blood is red then that's a bad sign. If it happens to be that your pregnancy does not continue it's awful but so so early on physically it's just like a period. Hope all is ok you have done right thing going to see gp.

  • I bled early on, I had an early scan to rule out the bad stuff so it was put down to implantation bleeding. Call the early pregnancy unit for advice.

  • Hi sweetheart, I had some small bleeding when I was around 8 weeks pregnant, I went in to get checked out and it turned out to be that I had some sensitive skin right before my cervix that was irritated.. everything was fine and I got to see the babies heartbeat to assure me. Also I've heard it's quite common for a little bleeding in early pregnancy and that its something to worry about if you have severe cramping alongside. If you have cramping then contact the doc again right away and be seen soon. Hope that this helps you. IMHO I think you will be absolutely fine ;) x

  • It's not true that red blood is bad. I had some early bleeding and it was like you described. I was absolutely fine & I'm sure you will be too. As mentioned above, if you have cramping then a more urgent check is needed but bleeding is quite common during pregnancy so don't worry xx

  • Poor you, it's such a horrible delicate stage. Apparently though it's perfectly normal to have a bit of bleeding, particularly if it's just a bit of pink or dark blood. Unless you are bleeding with lots of clots I wouldn't worry (easier said than done!) xx

  • I would definitely contact your local early pregnancy unit to put your mind at rest but as others had said you will most probably be fine as bleeding can be common in pregnancy

  • I have had a similar experience in all of my pregnancies, unfortunately I lost 2 in the first 12 weeks. please go to A&E or your GP and ask them to refer you to the early pregnancy assessment unit in the local hospital. They will do a scan/ blood tests and look after you during this delicate period.

    I had similar bleeding in my current pregnancy at 6 weeks and a early scan showed some bleeding in my cervix which meant my pregnancy wouldn't be at risk, am 35 weeks now.

    It's always better to get an early scan in such situations.

    I hope everything goes well for you, take care.

  • Thank you everyone who has replied! :)

  • I have had cramping and blood loss in all my pregnancies (old brown and fresh blood but never any clots) and the only time there was an issue and I lost the baby was when the blood loss and cramping happened at the same time, but I also had an overwhelming sense of something wrong. So as my doctor says only you know your body, and if you feel there is something wrong trust it and get it checked. Good luck, hope all is well x

  • I didn't find out I was pregnant with my first because I bled every month as normal when my period was due. It was till I missed a period that I found out and when I went for a scan , because I started bleeding again , that they told me I was 4 months !!! Everything was fine and they said its quite common to bleed in the first trimester. My 'little one ' is now 6 years old !

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