Hi I had ivf and today I am 6+1 day on friday had a scan they said they could not see a sac and I would mc went back today couse I decided I

Could not wait for nature to take its course. She scanned me today and there was a sac but could not see if there was anything in it so I have to wait till friday am in limbo been like this for over 3 weeks just dont no what to think its breaking me and my partners heart am 41 never been pregnant and took me till I was 38 to find the man I wanted to be with

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Poor you. Sadly not much I can do to tell you whether it will be ok or not but I have been in your position and I know it's excruciating waiting. I've had 2 babies and 2 miscarriages and with my last pregnancy I had bleeding in the early weeks and had the same constant trips to be

scanned to see what was happening and had to wait to are whether an embryo was developing and it was heart breaking. After previous miscarriages and the bleeding I was terrified at 6 weeks but by 7/8 weeks they were able to see something to suggest I hadn't miscarried, I was scanned 2 weeks later and there was a heartbeat. So it doesn't have to spell bad news for you, just that you are early still. Doesn't stop the worrying though I know. No point in me telling you to relax as I know you can't but just try to get on with your day to day stuff to keep occupied.

What are your pregnancy symptoms like? Could help you tell whether things are professing...that said I didn't have hugely strong symptoms myself so found it hard to know when I was miscarrying myself. One other thing I did with my last pregnancy was have my blood taken and the hormone levels read to see if it seemed viable. They came back at the appropriate level for the 6 weeks but obviously didn't tell me if it would carry on, it did give me a little courage though that at that moment things were promising.

Best of luck, I do understand.


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