Trapped wind

Hi. Thank you all for all your advice and tips over the last several months, it's proved invaluable.

My 23 day old has had major trapped wind in his belly for several days. We've tried dentinox and now on and now using infacol and colief but he doesn't seem any better and is always scrunched up in pain until he has a several huge farts which temporarily seem to comfort him but it's been day 5 so at what stage do you think we should be thinking these products are not working or he isn't getting on with aptamil and I should change formula or something else. Thanks in advance for any tips, as you mummies know its horrible seeing our little darlings uncomfortable but not sure if I'm being inpatient or need to address it from a different angle.

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Hi Cath, i know how you feel.

My little girl is a month old now and she has had major trapped wind and I also believe constipation the last few days and she too is on aptimil. Ive used infacol etc too and seems to make no difference until she parumps a wee tune then seems temp happily then starts screaming place down again. Nothing comforts her. Not even a cuddle. She is having disturbed sleeps too day and night.

Im a bit at a stump myself as my first girl i breastfed so never had this issue and i couldnt bf this time. I think they say to try different bottle/teats then if that does not work change formula. She has had solid poos but still seems to have an awful problem with wind and its horrible to listen to her.

Anyone else had similar issues?


I took my little one to baby massage classes at the sure start centre. They gave us lots of tummy massage techniques to help 'move things along' and it certainly works as Sophie farted loads after each session. Now if she seems uncomfortable I try to make sure I massage her and it really seems to help. She is bf but has one bottle each night, I found she is much less constipated now we switched her to cow and gate from the aptimil x


Oh and the first week she had cow and gate she had really bad runny poos but she soon got over that. Someone told me the aptimil is very rich, and the same happened when they swapped onto c and g too.



Thanks for your replies. Its been about a week now and he doesn't seem that different tbh. We've swapped from aptimal to CG comfort which he is guzzling away but think he would drink anything really :-) I read several bits of info stating that aptimal is a little rich so thats why we changed. We're now using the avent anti colic bottles and he has seemed to have taken to them ok. We stopped using colief and only using dentinox as wasn't sure what products you could use at the same time, if anyone has any info on that then that would be great. I've started massaging his tummy and propping him up as being flat on his back seems to make it worse. I take him out for walks as often as possible as that settles him but as i'm still getting over a section its a little difficult at times. Am not sure what else to do.I know they can have colic for quite a while but its making me really upset seeing him in such discomfort. I thought about taking him to the doctor but I don't think they can prescribe anything.


We found Dr Brown's bottles helped a bit. Although it turned out he was lactose intolerant so things only really improved when we went onto prescription formula. Good luck!


How did you establish he was lactose intolerant please? Thanks


GP diagnosed it. He would have a bit of formula then thrash his whole body in pain.


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