Pregnancy symptoms, how soon after conceiving do they show?

I have been trying for a baby for a few months now. This month I feel funny, slight stomach pains thicker/more discharge, tingly boobs, feeling sick buy realllly hungry at the same time. My period is not due until 9th may so I would have conceived in the last 10 it possible to feel symptoms now?

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It took me 8 months of actively trying before I fell pregnant, and I have to say I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever the month I fell. That was actually the reason I suspected I was pregnant as I had not had my usual period pains leading up to the start of my period. I waited til the day my period was due and took a test and it was positive. There really is no other way, symptoms will be different for every person. Try not to test until the day you miss your period as you will be wasting money and it is possible to get a false negative. If you get a positive you are pregnant. Good luck and be patient! X


It is possible to get symptoms before a pregnancy test would show up but it doesn't happen often, it happened with me once. Quite often symptoms start to show up around six weeks. Good advice above and good luck.


Everyones different hun. First preg i didnt know until i was about 6 weeks and it was purely a thought of taking a test as i was very light headed and turned out the bambino was pinching all my food! Lol. But both pregnancies id say i was roughly 2 months in before i got symptoms


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