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when will get a phone call from midwife? im a 10weeks on the 27 of june ??

hi I am 10weeks on the 27 of june and I still haven't had a phone call from midwife or had any bloods or my notes not even my scan has been booked yet and really starting to worry now woth both of my other children I had phone between 8-9weeks and Im ment to be high risk due to past pregnancies and im just wondering if anybody knows when I will or if I will ?? thanks :)

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Call your hospital and they will put you through to the correct midwife clinic to get your initial appointment. As for scan, your doctor should have sent off for that to be book. Again a call to the hospital should help.

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I had to chase them up, never heard from the hospital (letter with booking appointment went awol apparently). Luckily I called as my appt was the next day!

Give them a call :) Good luck x


I don't think things are done as quickly now, I was 10 weeks and a few days when I heard from my midwife but I had my appoint through for my scan by the end of the week and had to collect my notes from the ANC on the day of my scan. I'm also high risk due to previous pregnancy so try not to panic, any concerns give your midwife team or doctors surgery a bell to find out whats happening.


thank you I will call them first thing tomorrow :-)


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