so much talk about miscarriage is turning me into a nervous wreck

Hi I am now 5 weeks pregnant for the first time but although I'm really excited, everyone around me keeps talking about miscarriage and its starting to turn me into a nervous wreck! I know it could happen and often does. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for coping with this constant worry. I am even getting to the point of having nightmares about it which can't be good for me. How do I stay calm and manage this?


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  • I was exactly the same. I'm an anxious person anyway but then the day before I found out I was pregnant my cousin had a stillbirth at 8 months & I thought about that a lot. Also because I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms I was convinced that I'd had a missed miscarriage & it wasn't until I saw the baby at my first scan that I started to calm down a little bit. The only advice i can really give is to just do your best for your well, stay healthy, take your vitamins & folic acid and most importantly, don't spend all your time on Google like I did wondering why I didn't have pregnancy symptoms!! You're going to be absolutely fine, it's a magical time so just enjoy it!

    My little boy is now a perfect 7 month old :-) xx

  • Thank you so much at least I'm not alone in feeling a bit anxious. Congratulations on your Son, I think I will feel better after that first scan so just need to make it through the next few weeks! :) x

  • Oh Hunni I never knew this. How awful for her and your family. Xx

  • I suffered a miscarriage at 5 -6wks 2months before I found out I was pregnant with my lo who is now 4 and a half months old. I was so worried throughout my pregnancy and everytime id go to the toilet I was wiping and checking for blood. It subsides a little bit after the scan but I always had that little niggle and a feeling of this can't be real. As jacksonla said, make sure u take ur folic acid, get as balanced a diet as u can and stay healthy. Ull be grand and in 8 more months I'm sure ull be holding ur lo and wondering y u worried so much xx

  • Try and keep positive, easier said than done I know! I didnt find out I was pregnant till 11 weeks but as soon as we found out all my husband did was look at statistics for things that could go wrong. His sister lost a baby at 24 weeks so I understood why he felt the need to know. All I wanted to do when he tried to talk about it was stick my fingers in my ears, shut my eyes and go lalalalala!!!! In some respects it was much easier for us as we found out so late, only had to wait 2 weeks for the scan so knowing from 5 weeks and being so excited to tell people must be torture!!! If anyone says anything about miscarriage risks just stop them as soon as you can and say you dont want any negative thoughts or feelings around you. As the others said look after yourself, relax and be happy! Its a beautiful time in a womans life. If you find the anxiety is getting more frequent, speak to your midwife about it. She will be able to re assure you. You can also pay for a private early scan, although you probably won't see much at this stage! Xx

  • Thank you everyone for your advice its been really nice to have such supportive and positive comments. I have actually put away the pregnancy guide and stopped internet searching which wasn't actually helping and now I am just trying to relax and get back into work mode, the normality of it is making me a lot calmer. So glad that there is this forum! :) xx

  • Its so exciting but so scary because u love this little bean already... It's natural I felt better when I finally felt little one moving regularly.... But i was excited and anxious all the way thru they are just too special and amazing! Congrats xx

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