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Wind and random feeding


Hi my little beau is 1 week old. Yesterday during the day he didn't really drink that much but it was quite warm but around 5pm he decided to catch up with a vengeance. He was very uncomfortable for a few hours and was feeling guilty as maybe I shouldn't have fed him so much but he just wanted more milk, bottle feeding aptimil btw. Anyway we gave him a couple of drops on infacol and he settled. Hubby did the same during the night and he seems happy enough this am. Suppose my question is how often do people use infacol or similar? I have a friend who gives her 2 month old a drop before every feed regardless ( not a critism) . Thanks in advance

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I think you give it with every feed as it needs time to build up to work properly, I've never used it myself, but pretty sure that's how it works.

Congrats btw Hun :) xx

Congrats!! :) yes you give him a dose before every feed. Xx

I like using dentinox colic drops with each bottle feed. If you mix it in with the milk it gets rid of all the air bubbles which has helped my LO a lot with trapped wind. It is because it has dill oil in it which takes care of the air in the milk I find that is better than giving infacol separately :)

Ive started using infacol on my 5 week old. I asked hv who said it does noy need to be given at each feed. I give it 3 times a day snd it works well. It dors have a cumulative effect.

As far as I knew, infacol should be given before every feed, I think it says this in the leaflet? My HV also told me this so it seems not all HV's have the same information! As mentioned, it takes a couple of weeks for it to build up in their system. I kept forgetting to give it before every feed (at that age when LO wanted feeding he wanted feeding NOW!!) so it didn't have much effect. Gripe water can be used from 4 weeks and that is an instant effect.

If you want to try easing the wind naturally try cycling his legs for a few mins or push both legs up to his chest to help release some wind. Also try rubbing his tummy in a clockwise circular motion as this can help with his digestion.

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