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Hi I am new to this community (just joined today) and I found out on Tuesday (10th) that I am pregnant. I am officially 4 weeks (2 weeks since conception) but at the moment I don't have any symptoms. No breast tenderness, nausea or anything. Im just really bloated all the time. Is this normal? many women post how they had symptoms straight away. I am a bit worried but two tests now and its a definite positive. Any advice would be great right now. Thanks


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  • Hi, welcome and congratulations! Don't worry at all, it's completely normal. I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks as I had no symptoms at all. Even after this I had tender breasts for maybe 4 days then it stopped. I was worried sick wondering whether there was a baby still in there and I didn't know for sure until I had my first scan at 12 weeks & there he was!

    Just relax and enjoy the fact that you are feeling good! It's nothing to worry about :-) x

  • Congratulations Hun xx

    Don't worry, everyone gets different symptoms at different times. We've all been there one way or another. Just enjoy feeling well for the time being because you never know what's round the corner, these babies like to keep us on our toes from the second that line appears on the test lol xx

    Oh, & I bloated loads at first & didn't suffer any sickness at all xx

  • I never had any symptoms until one day I open the fridge (smelly egg butty) and BAM morning sickness hit, before that I bought every make of preggy test just to be sure :)

    Congratulations and try to relax and enjoy the ride

  • Thank you everyone! To be honest I am still getting over the shock of it. Been trying at various times in the past and never even a scare so I had kind of accepted that I wasn't very fertile and given up. I'm a bit frightened to get excited as its such early days but do have a big smile on my face that I just can't wipe off!! :)

  • Congratulations don't worry about lack of symptoms just enjoy the feeling all else will come in time.

  • Congrats I usually find from six weeks I start getting symptoms. .. But if u don't don't knock it. .u may just feel extremely tired. .. All the best look forward to updates x

  • I had no symptoms except tiredness and lack of period for the whole pregnancy. Good luck.

  • Congratulations! I had hardly any symptoms, barely any morning sickness, and went to my 12 week scan wondering if I was actually pregnant. As soon as they started the ultrasound, there she was doing somersaults and quite happy. Don't worry if you don't get symptoms, it's totally normal and great for you! It is a bit unsettling that when you go to the doctors they won't confirm pregnancy with a blood test as home pregnancy tests are now so accurate. So you probably won't have a medical professional confirm you're preggers till the 12 week scan. But don't worry about it - just make sure you're taking your folic acid!

  • I had no symptoms for ages with my pregnancy, and only got pgp and breast enlargement to the end of my last trimester, but my baby boy is here all happy, healthy and huge xD

  • Hi dusty345,

    During my pregnancy (last year) It took a while for my pregnancy symptoms to kick in as i had very little to none at all.

    Apart from the obvious late/no period & feeling a bit more tired than usual i think it took about 12 wks into the pregnancy to feel nausea like & rather lightheaded at times.

    Count yourself lucky & try & enjoy it before it really kicks in.



  • Thank you everyone for your responses, it's made me feel a lot better knowing is not so unusual not to have symptoms this early. Fingers crossed it continues to go smoothly :)

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