Miracles do happen!

Hi all, I just want to share my story with you and hopefully it will give someone a little bit of hope. When I was 13 I was told it would be impossible for me to have children naturally which completely broke my heart! Ive always loved being around children and come from a bug family. I was seen by specialist consultants at least once every 3 months andwas put through so many test it was awful. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS, Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease and IBS. After all my scans and things I was told that my right ovary is pretty much completely useless and my left one doesnt work any where near as well as it should. Im now 19, 20 in 9 days and im 13 weeks pregnant!! I had given up all hope of ever being a mummy and went through the worst time of my life which resulted in me self harming. Now though im the happiest person on this planet. Finally im going to be a mummy. Me! I never thought this was possible! So I just want to say you should never give up hope! The doctors are not always right! Im so proud of my tiny bump and everyday I wake up with the biggest smile on my face and warmest feeling in my heart! Never give up hope, you dont know whats around the corner! :) x

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That's a great story - thank you for sharing and Congratulations!! After having two children, we were told that we couldn't have any more children. That was 10 years ago and I'm now a proud mummy of an 8 month old boy :-)


Wow what a amazing story x huge congratulations xx


That's fantastic news.

I was told that I couldn't have children when diagnosed with PCOS 10yrs ago.

I'm now a very proud mummy of 5 month old twins!!!

Miracles really do happen!!


Congratulations on your pregnancy :-)

I can so relate to your story!!! I had two miscarriages within 6 months and I was so frustrated with my situation as NHS did not find it recurring until I had a third one. My mom faced the same situation and had twins after 7 years....

I'm 32 weeks now.....just keep the faith is all I can say :-)


Congratulations! Wonderful .x


Ahhh congratulations x


Thank you all :) I cant wait to meet my little miracle! Its hasnt been easy so far but im determined to be the best mummy I can be. Xx


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