15 weeks, bleeding, what's going on?

Hi all, went to the toilet last night for a bm, 2 tea spoons bright red blood and mucas from vagina( it was not the plug, too runny) Now just old blood smears. Called 24 hr midwife, Still no answer. Doctor booked me for a scan tomorrow morn. Told to stay in bed. No pain. Is this an emergency or not? Should I demand a scan today? Opinions on possible causes welcome!

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It could be a number of things, not all of them harmful. I was bleeding from about six and a half weeks with the last at twenty. It was always associated with bm's and the best we can figure is that I bust a blood vessel once and going to the bathroom aggravated it and caused it to bleed and weep. The midwife did a cervical inspection in the end and there was a spot on the wall of the vagina and it seemed to weep after passing solids. I was also told it could be a cervical erosian which is also not necessarily harmful. Try to relax the scan will tell you if anything is amiss. Incidently I am now 37 weeks.

Ring ur maternity triage dept they can sort a scan out for u today hopefully. .. That's what they are there for. ..The fact it has gone to Brown is a good sign...I bled for a month after I found out I was pregnant and sometimes after a bm it would push more blood out. ..hope all is ok xx

Thank you

It might not be bad news. I bled with my first at 6 weeks then 8 weeks he is now 5 years old. I bleed really heavy at 12 weeks with my 3rd with a heamatoma on the cervixs. I know you are probably paranoid but unless you are changing a blood soaked pad often then I wouldn't think the worst.

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