Can signs of progressing towards labour reverse themselves?

On Thursday had a sweep. Cervix slightly posterior, but easily walked forward, very soft, dilated 2cm, 1-2cm thick, etc. Bishop score given was a 7 and told all looked favourable. In the three days since, had a couple grim bloody shows, non bloody plug loss, painful Braxton hicks, etc.

Second sweep yesterday and I was told that my cervix is hard, very posterior, 2-4cm thick, and barely dilated 1cm. They gave me a score of 3. I've now been booked in for induction later this week and I'm so upset I've cried several times about it.

What?? I didn't realise you could progress and then go completely backwards.

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I don't know but I have heard stories of different midwives interpreting things differently.



Sorry to hear you're upset - it's a tough time. I wouldn't be remotely surprised if things have gone backwards - but don't worry, they'll go forward soon enough. my 2nd labour stopped completely half way through. It started out normally, strong, regular contractions for about 4 hours then over the course of an hour they just got weaker and weaker and then trailed off to maybe one lame one, once an hour. 14 hours later, they started again, strong and regular and the baby was born 4 hours later. at the time i felt awful because i'd rung my parents at 2am to get them to come and look after our son (they live a 5 hour drive away so needed a head start). when they arrived at 9am all my contractions had stopped and i had to admit that i'd lured them down south under false pretences!

in hindsight, i'm grateful now as it gave me a nice break in the middle. at the time, i was worried and felt foolish, but the baby arrived just the same.

so, you might have gone a bit backwards - it is possible - or the midwives might just be interpreting differently. try not to worry - it doesn't matter how the baby gets here just that they do. good luck!



Yep unfortunately. ..I was the same 5 sweeps from 1-3cm back to 2 all over the place. ...sweeps are only effective in my opinion if ur ready.... But just need that little nudge or stretch... It's horrible when u have in ur head the kind of labour u want but the best thing I can say is u have to keep an open mind cos anything is possible... I've had 5 babies and everyone a different story and I was hoping it would go the way I wanted but if it didn't then so be it. .. and things can change very quickly so don't be too disheartened... Just see it as whatever way the baby comes as long as it's safe ams ur both ok that's all that matters...also if u are induced ask them once they have broke ur waters to hold the drip for as long as possible to see if ur body will do it on its own and just keep mobile bounce on a ball or what I found brilliant was rocking on a rocking chair. ... All the best xx


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