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Baby travelling advice

Hey ladies haven't been on here as much cos of all the could I be pregnant posts but need advice and you ladies have always been a great help. We are away for the weekend visiting family and staying in a hotel with our 7 1/2 month old and had a nitemare last night. At home he goes to bed at 8 in his own room with lights out & stars & soft music playing and sleeps through to 8 the next morning. Last night by the time we got here it was 10 & he fell asleep in the car seat but I lifted him & fed him & put him into the travel cot, he didn't like it at all, he was stirring constantly & of course didn't help we were in the same room, we ended up having to turn off the tv & all lights & sit in silence but he still didn't settle, he cried & cried & normally I would let him CIO but it wasn't working cos we were in the same room. I ended up having to bring him into bed with me & my oh sleeping in the single bed, he still fought me every step of the way, finally fell asleep around half one & woke again at 3 til half 4 & then stirring the whole time til he woke as normal at 8. We all exhausted today & here another two nights. Any suggestions????? Ps. I have the stars & music with me but no difference & he's knackered now but won't take a nap.

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Could it just be because you got there quite late & he'd already been asleep in the car seat so didn't settle once he was moved? Was he asleep a lot whilst you were travelling? Could it be that he'd had too much daytime sleep? If you have the stars & music & follow his same bedtime routine as you do at home he may settle better tonight if he just goes straight down into his cot? We've just got back from a week away in Cornwall & I was worried about him sleeping in a different cot in a different room but I also took his stars/music and travel blackout blind and followed the same routine and he slept just the same as he does at home. He was in his own room though so I think it'll be more difficult for you being in there with him. Would a few early nights for you and the OH be an option??! I hope it's a bit better for you tonight. Sorry I don't have any bright ideas!! X


I've been away for a few trips with my son. He's 9months now. Basically what I found is it took him a night or two to get used to the new place. I stuck to bedtime routines as much as possible and it was always worse first night. Just do what you can to make it like home for him. Hope it's better for you tonight x


Thanks ladies, will try & see what happens tonight. Hoping that as he hasn't slept much all day he'll go over but already struggling. Tried to put down at bedtime & instead he took a 45 min nap & is now wide awake x


Lol mine is the king of the sneaky cat nap as well!! So frustrating! He's bound to flake out soon....let him exhaust himself x


I have been taking a lot of trips now with my girl (now 10 months) and 5 trips old - my policy is to follow her ques, she obviously gets consumed with the new surroundings once we are out and sometimes it comes with lots of crying too. If she is crying I normally try to entertain her with her favourite toys and then try to sleep her once she is settled a bit. Also I almost always sleep with her once we are outside (normally we take a family room with an extra queen bed where I can sleep with her till she is off to dream land). New surroundings are at times overwhelming for kids and that happens also when they come back from a holiday into there own room.

I also do not insist on the same time-table for naps - but rest assured they fall into their time-table pretty soon, once they have explored a bit ! :)

Enjoy your trip !


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