I am thirteen and a half weeks pregnant and I have had no alcohol for 9 and a half weeks (since I found out). However yesterday I had two small glasses (125ml) of white wine. I had read that 1-2 units occasionally was ok and I genuinely thought a small glass was a unit. Later I found out it is 1.5 units. I don't intend to drink ever again for the rest of my pregnancy - it is just not worth it, but I'm worried I might have harmed my baby and feel very guilty.


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  • I didn't find out was pregnant till was 6 weeks this was 15th jan 2013, so I had been drinking all over xmas 2012 and new yr, honestly the amount u consumed is fine, my son is now 9 months and perfectly fine, don't worry, I kno its easy for me to say but a unit is fine, many women have a glass of wine during pregnancy its fine x

  • Both my midwives said to me (2011 with my son and 2013-14 with my daughter) "alcohol is fine as long as you drink responsibly, if you have it with food it's better but don't worry about drinking. It's binge drinking that starts causing harm or drinking every single night" my second one also strongly recommended me drinking Guinness through pregnancy and breastfeeding because the yeast makes the milk better.

    Don't worry about a couple of glasses, I had on average 1 single whiskey and coke a fortnight and about a glass of wine or 2 a week with my son, he's perfectly fine, happy and healthy now xxx

  • Thank you. I did have food with it and mixed the wine with soda water so drank my two glasses over about three hours. I don't think I'll do it again though as it's not really worth it. Xx

  • I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 7 weeks & I'd had more than a few units over those 7 weeks!! My LO is 7 months now & he's perfectly fine. You won't have harmed your baby with such a small amount so please don't worry :-) x

  • I craved a cold beer last summer and had a cheeky half now and again... Actually could down one now! :)

  • I agree with the ladies you will not have done any harm. I tend to take the approach that if it worries me I don't do it regardless of what the books say. I occasionally have a half glass of wine, I am comfortable with that but worry if I have more than one so I don't. Not because more than one is harmful, just that it makes me uncomfortable. Be reasurred please there is no harm done. Listen to yourself and do what makes you feel relaxed, it really helps you enjoy pregnancy that way.

  • Don't worry about it at all - a couple of glasses of wine won't have any effect! :)

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