Skin tight like a drum and pinching, any ideas?

I am 36 +4 and the skin on my belly is really tight and pulling. Had a scan yesterday and they said I had a lot of fluid and that was probably why but walking, bending and such is painful and I'm worried about skin pulling too much, Not sure what would happen. Using aqueous cream and moisturizer but not helping much. Any advice? Seeing midwife tomorrow but not sure what she will suggest.

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  • I had a lot of fluid and I was very big for my frame. Parts of my belly went completely numb with the stretching. I'm not saying it'll happen to you, but in the last 7 weeks of pregnancy, I then developed huge amounts of stretch marks....this will happen no matter what you do about moisturisation, etc if you have the skin type that allows it. But that's pretty much the worst that can happen I think. All part of becoming a hippopotamus haha x

  • Bio oil or palmers cocca butter for pregnancy if u can stand the smell is great all I can say is oil up as much as poss...x

  • That didn't work for me....I was more oily than a poxy mechanics overalls throughout my pregnancy and it didn't save me lol. You may remember me moaning about it all at the time....I used to be Fattyboom x

  • Hello! Great to see you back :-) X

  • Hey! How are you? How's it all going? When are you due? Must be soon! x

  • Ten days! I'm fed up and want her out now, but her head isn't even engaged!! Grrrrrr!! X

  • Last time I felt her head engage for a total of five minutes and not again until lab our so don't worry too much

  • Well my baby's head was engaged for weeks and I was still overdue a week when he came so it means nothing! Lol. Oh how exciting. So jealous!! I wanna be pregnant again lol! x

  • Oh hey ur back! Yes i remember how are u...x

  • Thought I'd pop back as everyone was saying how mad it is now....they weren't kidding lol. I'm very good thanks :-) crazy 9 month old!! He's doing so well. Starting a new job tomorrow too.....night shifts! I'm gona die!! Lol. How are you? x

  • I know lol. .Time has flown by! Yes all good lo still not sleeping thru wakes up 4-6 times a night pretty bad at the moment. ..wont take a bottle! I'm trying everything... Will drink water out of a beaker but won't have none of it when i put milk in it little bugger! So still breastfeeding! Thank god he hasn't got teeth yet! Nights ur brave good luck with it.... Let us know how u get on! Glad ur back :) x

  • Oh God! They are little monkeys. He goes through multiple wake up stages too for a couple of weeks then back to normal. Never know what he's gona do but my boyfriend gets up with him anyway :-) hope yours starts to sleep more soon and give mama a break!!! Yh I'm already regretting it and haven't even started lol. But need the dosh so I'll get over it...I have to lol x

  • Yeah me too the bags are blending into my cheeks now lol. .Ah bless you well I hope it works out the way u want it to.. Look forward to seeing u on here x

  • Strange as it may sound, but maybe a bump band would help? I was a size 8-10 before pregnancy, and only gained my three and a half stone weight gain around my bump and breasts, and it made me feel like my skin was going to just snap. My band helped me feel less like my bump was about to fall off!

  • I am quite big anyway although lost three stone before getting pregnant, I thought there would be elasticity to spare, the bump is not that big maybe its just skin catching up with itself. Midwife says just to try whatever to see what works. Thanks for the advice though, I will look out my bump band from last time.

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