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Pregnant with 1st baby

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Hi, I'm 8 weeks 5 days pregnant and I have my first scan at the end of this month. It's my first baby and we are very excited, but very nervous at the same time, keep thinking that something bad is going to happen. I'm concerned that sometimes I don't even feel pregnant and more worrying that I have not had any morning sickness as of yet. Should I be worried about this? Thank you :-)

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Hey. Congratulations! I didn't get any morning sickness at all throughout my pregnancy. All ladies get different symptoms at different times so really do not worry :-) it's still very early as well...through most of my pregnancy, other than my bump, I wouldn't have felt pregnant as I was so well....until the end haha x

Thank you :-) I'm quite a slim girl, so I have noticed swelling in my belly already and my breasts feel tender and heavy in the evenings, so I guess I am getting some symptoms, but just not knowing how and what I should be feeling right now to know whether it's ok or not. I'm guessing it's natural to worry until I have my first scan. Fingers crossed that everything is ok. I should stop worrying as I'm sure that doesn't help the baby or me

Yes it's absolutely natural to worry at the start especially as it is a lot to process and then you start looking for symptoms, etc and waiting for the's exciting and tense! I had dizziness at the very start and sore boobs and nipples. Then I craved onion rings after a while....I can't really face them anymore thanks to that haha. Other than that, I was symptomless. I got my bump early on too and he moved very early too...little bubbles and flutters at 11 weeks. You'll be fine once you get to the scan and see the bubba :-) x

No morning sickness for me either :) I'd enjoy it Hun, pregnancy can be tough enough without it! I know what you mean though, it's something that you kind of expect isn't it, but not everyone gets the same symptoms. All my early symptoms were tiredness, sore boobs & bloating, then when they disappeared I hardly even felt pregnant at all :)

So sit back & enjoy it- good luck with your scan too :) never really seems real until you see baby on that screen xx

Hello, and congratulations!

I hardly had morning sickness during the first trimester...just occasionally felt queasy. I didn't feel very 'pregnant' either, I felt more like I was having bad PMS!

Try not to focus on what other people feel at each stage of their pregnancy, because everybody is different.

Also, try not to worry - which is easier said than done (I worry constantly, so maybe I should practice what I preach!!). It's very easy to fear the worst, but it's not a good frame of mind to be in. Instead, focus on the good things - the first scan is awesome, because that's when you first get to see your little one :-) I remember at my dating scan, the sonographer read out a measurement (I can't remember what for!) and my instant reply was a very shocked "Oh God...!", to which he responded "Why are you saying that? You don't even know what that measurement is for!". Made me laugh and relax a bit, that's for sure, lol!


P.S - I also had very sore breasts during the first trimester (I'm 38 weeks now, and they're not painful now). My top tips for relieving the discomfort - invest in a couple of new, underwired bras (I got measured at about 8/9 weeks) and also a couple of supporting crop tops for sleeping in. X

Having been labeled a high risk pregnancy due to a high bmi. I had one episode of morning sickness. All scans and tests were normal including the extra ones. My labour was 9 hours, 3 hours of which I slept through. I had a pethidine injection, and gas and air. I had stitching for a small second degree tear that has healed well with bo problems. This was my first child and she arrived at 37+4. Why im telling you this is to let you know that sometimes the female body gets it right and some pregnancies have very few problems. Dont be nervous just enjoy your pregnancy and take each day as it comes.

Im 6 weeks pregnant and felt the very same yesterday . had no morning sickness but ate my own words hvnt stopped al day now . enjoy ur pregnancy and everything wil be just fine. easier said then done i knw . best of luck with ur scan .iv mine in 2 weeks :) take care hun xxxxx

Hey hun, congratulations!! I didn't have any symptoms either, had my 12 week scan today and found out I was actually 13 weeks and there was a real baby in there!! Try not to stress!!

I went through the same emotional worries before each scan with all 3 of my pregnancies - convinced that it was too good to be true and something must be wrong. I'm now a proud mother of three very healthy children ( but it doesn't stop me worrying about them ) :-)

I was the same, it's really worrying until you start having scans and I only had really mild morning sickness. But I was also really, really tired in the first trimester. Try not to worry too much - I know it's easier said than done :) Do sign up to the NCT and NHS emails as they'll tell you week by week what to expect - I found them really useful :)

There's lots of good support on here so do stay involved - take care of yourself xx


If u have no morning sickness hun be grateful :). A lot of people go through pregnancy completely normal with no symptoms. First scan can be nerve wracking. I remember going into hospital thinking that when they scanned me nothing would be there! Lol. Sounds crazy but both pregnancies I had this thought, but all was well. Wish u luck hun xx

P.s a friend of mine is naturally slim built and petite, she managed to hide her pregnancy til 6 months on! I had no such luck lol

Hi ya, massive congrats first of all. Like some of the ladies above I didn't suffer morning sickness with my first (my daughter) but with my second (my son) I was sick morning and evening and queasy throughout the day until 6 months! I think scans are such a beautiful experience but definitely nerve wracking too, between my first and second I lost 2 babies so with my son it felt like my first pregnancy all over again. Like firefly_ said definitely sign up for the week by week emails they really do help xx

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