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Re-usable nappy experiences?


I am just getting out alll the nappies and things we have gotten to get everything ready. I have two different types of reusable nappies, Bambino Mio from Boots and Mother Ease from a baby sale. The latter look pretty big for a newborn but we'll see. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations they can share? Also for the times we might use disposables are Aldi any good?

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We use Aldi most of the time. They work! Only had occasional explosion. I like them.

I use Mother Ease nappies (and prefolds) on my nearly two year old and they are great, although at his age you certainly need the snap in booster. I didn't get them until my son was quite a few months old (can't quite remember when) and I agree that, even on their smallest setting, they look too big for a newborn. My newborn was really small (6lbs nothing when he came home for the hospital) and he was a long baby so particularly skinny. He was in prefolds for premature babies until he was a month old. I've not really seen the Bambino Mio but am I right in thinking that they are a type of prefold? If so, you should be able to fold it down small enough for most new borns, unless you get a really wee one! Can't comment on Aldi nappies but in general I found that no disposable could cope with newborn poo as well as a cloth nappy, it just shot out of the disposables we tried. Ah, the joys of newborns... :-)

I have a 4 week old baby, we have used sainsburys little ones newborn from birth. Her birth weight was 6lb 10ozs. We have also tried pampers newborn and aldi nappies. We prefer the sainsburys little ones at the moment while she is small. I have not considered disposable nappies and currently try whatever nappy is on offer until we run out of options.

Hey, I would really really recommend Boots own newborn nappies. Size 2 costs £3.19 for 44 nappies and it's cheapest by far! Especially with a newborn baby, last thing you'll want is to worry about washing and drying nappies! Give yourself a break and re-think after couple of weeks. I used Pampers Sensitive for the early days, which were best, but rather expensive. X


I use pampers as I got bought so many when he was born I just carried on, my son is 9 months now so I don't get nappy explosions but when I did only twice did they leak, he also has sainsburys ones. I get my pampers from amazon, cheaper than shops x

Hi, I use totsbots cloth nappies on my 4 month old and they are fabulous. I've not used the two brands you have, but tots bots only fit from about 9lb, though could be a bit more or less depending on the baby's shape. Mine is skinny so was about 9 and a half before they'd fit her.

Personally I disagree with the commonly held belief that cloth means more washing as in my experience they hold everything much better so though I am washing nappies, I am washing less clothes and bedding as a result of no longer having to deal with the explosions we had with the disposables. It's much the same either way. My nappies also dry impressively quickly - about 3 hours in the airing cupboard does the trick. It really isn't the chore it once was. Very little difference from using disposables as far as work goes.

We used disposables briefly when my daughter was first born as she was 6lb8 and skinny so our cloth nappies didn't fit. We tried and failed with sainsburys as the fit was wrong. Pampers fitted better, but still tended to shoot poo up out the back - a problem I've not yet encountered with cloth. Be prepared to try a few to see what you and your baby get on with as the size and shape of babies vary greatly and different sorts suit different kids. We got given some Aldi ones (no Aldi near us) and they worked pretty well. As good as pampers tbh.

Good luck in whatever you decide.


I use totsbots easy fit and totsbots bamboozle at night and have done since lo was about 10 weeks. I just wasn't organised enough to do it from new born but if we have a second I will probably try cloth from the beginning. I agree with other posters that no disposables I've found have held new born poo as well as the cloth ones. I change them more frequently than disposables to prevent having to use bulky boosters in the day now my lo is getting more mobile. I wash them every other day. For a totally comprehensive view on using and washing cloth nappies I recommend 'the nappy lady' website. Very helpful. With disposables, we've used quite a variety - I think it's all about the fit for your individual baby. Good luck!

We tend to shop at Aldi now as its cheaper and most convenient when we are in Inverness (aka Inverstress) so it would be great to get any disposables we need from there. I didn't do any homework before buying the cloth ones I did and so might try out a couple of other brands too. Reading old posts tots bots seem to get good reviews so that's worth maybe getting a trial pack. I would like to use them but want to enjoy using them don't want to be put off by one brand. Especially as husband is a little skeptical, it would be too easy to just not to and don't want that. Thank you ladies for your thoughts.


And one more great tip! If your nappies look stained by little baby poo even after washing, hang them in the sunshine and the sun reacts with the compound in the yellow colour and turns them white again in just a few hours. This works even if it's cloudy - amazing! Yes the totsbots easy fit are good, lots of lovely patterns, easy to use for sceptical husbands. Like I said above I have to change them about every 3 hours if I don't use a booster but this is fine and frequent changing helps prevent nappy rash. I use the fleecy liners as well rather than paper as I think they stay dryer and are softer next to the skin. Good luck. X

Hi, my 9 week old nephew is still in disposibles at 16.3 lbs as his poo is like curry water and shes terrified of ruining the white tots bots a friend gave her, as dtruggling to clean vests of poo explosions. Any suggestions on how to deal with them when using them to prevent staining?

For the times you use disposables...I've found it's all trial and error. Each baby seems to suit each nappy differently. I've found pampers baby dry great for night and wee but awful for day and poo. Aldi weren't bad actually and I use those in the day most of the time. A few leaks but that's bound to happen sometimes especially once they are sitting on things and the straps force the poo out sideways because of the increased pressure. Pampers active fit have been good now he's a bit older as well. I started with Morrison's nappies when he was tiny and I found them to be no good for us in the end. Depends on the level of activity and the level of poop!! Lol. I know nothing about reusable as I went with what I already knew lol x

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