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I think I'm pregnant, but I'm cramping and bleeding a little. Is that normal?


My fiancé and I had sex a little over a month ago and I'm two and a half weeks late on my period. I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but I'm starting to think I'm pregnant more and more. I just don't know what to do.

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Take a test and go to your gp. Health issues are best spoken to a health care professional, but unleds you do a test they can't be sure on anything.

Thank you

Sorry to be blunt, but what exactly do you want us to say???

You don't know what to do hmmmm..... Take a test !

That is just RUDE, and do not say US when people on here do not saport rude people. If you can't help her with questions she has then atleast comfert her don't make her feel stupid when she's already in a tuff spot. It made me so mad when I saw this post, people out there like you who make people feel stupid need too shut there traps. If you can't answer peaples questions respectfully or give them comfert then why are you on this sight? Take your bull crap some ware els, woman need too saport each other, not make each other feel stupid. I don't care what other people say this was obviously rude and unneeded.

There is no reason to be rude. The people who come on this site come for help. We are scared to death and we don't know what to do. I did take a test and it was negative but I also miscarried two months ago. So there is no reason to be rude. If you had ride comments, don't comment at all

I'm sorry but it should be common sense to take a test or visit your GP if you think you could be pregnant.

I understand what you're saying but there was no reason to be rude about it. No 17 year old wants to hear that they're having a miscarriage and we don't need people being rude about the whole situation

If you're actively having unprotected sex and think you could be pregnant then you need to take a test. If you think you're pregnant and could be miscarrying.. Then go and see your doctor. If you don't want to hear you could be having a miscarriage, why post on this site? If you're old enough to be having sex and wanting a child, then you should be old enough to know what to do if pregnancy is an option.

But what's the point in being rude? I mean no one needs rude comments on their questions. Why would people come on this site if they are gonna get rude comments?

A lot (or almost all) of our members are completely frustrated with the number of "am i pregnant" posts being put on the site. It seems that a lot of the posts are trollers so anytime a new post comes up everyone is skeptical.

However, I cannot say that I feel that charleybeaar was trying to be rude. We are all mums and mums to be on this site and are here to help and advise each other with difficulties we are having with our kids or pregnancies. Also for reassurance to check if anyone else has had similar experiences.

But advice is all we can give. We are not gps and cannot diagnose you. If you have had a miscarriage in the past and suspect this may be the case again (which i hope it is not) then the best option would be to see your gp.

Hope all went well at the gp

I understand where you're coming from, but she was being a little rude. I did in fact end up having a miscarriage again. But we ask these questions just in case another woman experienced the same things. But thank you for your comment

Why ask a bunch of strangers if you're pregnant? A question we can not even answer because we are not pregnancy tests. I'm not being rude I'm being honest.

Then you shouldn't be apart of this site. Like Queenie89 said, the people give advice on here. People like you who respond to our questions the way you did mine, it makes us feel like idiots for even signing up on this site. We ask these questions because women who are moms can help us.

You're missing my point. You hadn't even taken a test when you asked your post. This site isn't a pregnancy diagnosis site, we are not medical professionals and we can not say if we believe you're infact pregnant. You would have had different responses if you knew you were pregnant and were suspecting a miscarriage.

Its a hell of a situation to be in worried to take a test and get your hopes up if you are late but wanting to know as well, and then wondering after a negative test. I do feel for you I had that dilemma I admire your restraint waiting two and a half weeks though. Perhaps take a blood test at docs if you are concerned.

Thank you. It is scary and my hopes are already up some. But I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor so hopefully I find something out

Personally... I am with you Madiyln. I too am seeking help for spotting and pregnancy. At what point is asking for other womens support not common sense in itself? I am a mother already and still I do not know it all.... and neither do health care professionals. To think that you can take one persons input regardless of who`s and just roll with it, isn`t common sense either so don`t worry about miss know it all up there.... Do your research like you already are whether you turn out to be a parent or not, it is good practice to get all the information you possibly can, get as many opinions on other womens experiences and ask a million doctors if that`s what makes you comfortable, keep in mind everyones different, but ANY THING IS possible. I admire your courage I could never openly ask, but appreciate benefitting from posts like this myself. I am terrified of the healthcare system period. It is completely BOGUS if you ask me.... I don`t trust them with something so precious to me, so my advice would be though I`d imagine the situation is long past over, is that you collect as much info as possible and stick to your gut instincts only you truly know your body in and out. So try to stay as in tune with things as absolutely possible. Good luck to you, and the prude women that use such a sensitive subject to make someone feel stupid. ;) I am sure you will make a fabulous mother, it NEVER hurts to ask, ask and ASK some more!!

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