Im 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing strong period like pains. They come every couple of minutes and last about 20-30 seconds but then they

go for a few while but then come back! Had quite a difficult pregnancy so far, had 4 or 5 bleeds, but midwives don't know why, they say it just happens sometimes so don't really want to phone labour ward because they already think I'm paranoid? Does anyone know if this is normal?


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  • Hi Hun, how are you feeling now? Can you speak to your GP or midwife? I would definitely ask for some proper medical advice off someone xx

  • Hi I experience the same more so when I'm over doing it my midwife says its Braxton hicks (practice contractions)

  • Ring triage they can give u advice over the phone or if they think u need to be seen they will ask u to go in don't ever feel silly that's what they are there for xx

  • Does it feel like your tummy goes rock hard? I am sure I had my 1st Braxtons about the same time as you are describing, hope your ok and like the other ladies have said, if you think something is amiss talk to someone x

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