Are tummy cramps normal in early pregnancy?

Hi everyone,

I have recently found out I am pregnant, only 5 weeks. It is my first pregnancy so it's all new, exciting and worrying! I have been having cramps and pains in my tummy on and off. Not bad enough to stop me doing anything. Just slightly uncomfortable. I have read lots of different things online. Some sites say it's normal and some make me worry about a miscarriage. Any advice please on if this is normal? Thanks.

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  • Hi there, congrats, cramping can be v normal, I had lots and sometimes quite intense. It is generally implantation and your uterus starting to stretch.

    The time to worry would be if cramping is accompanied with bleeding, again this can be normal too depending on severity but is always a reason to seek medical advice.

  • As numbers said, it can be normal. I had some rather odd pains during my first trimester, and now my little man is here, taking away my sleep. If you are worried though, I would ask your gp or call the EPU. They would rather you were over cautious, especially during the first three months.

  • First, congratulations!I'm now 13 weeks along so it wasn't that long ago that I was where you are. I also had cramps (similar to period pains) and sometimes sharper pains that would stop me in my tracks for a couple of seconds. I felt them regularly from when I first found out I was pregnant until 7-8 weeks and then they disappeared. I know any pains are concerning and I too felt so much anxiety about whether or not the pregnancy was safe. However, for so many women they are a normal part of early pregnancy, and a good sign that your uterus is stretching to accommodate the growing embryo. I agree with what Numbers has said about when to seek medical advice.

  • Thanks for the answers everyone, it's reassuring. No bleeding so I'm guessing it's just normal. Looking forward to the scan to have some confirmation! It feels weird not having to see a doctor, just waiting for the midwife appointment. Feel like I want someone to tell me it is real, lol. Thanks again.

  • I felt exactly the same. It definitely does become 'real' during the scan :) How long do you have to wait for yours?

  • Thanks. It's nice to know other people feel the same. I don't know how long I have to wait, haven't had the letter from the midwife yet, they said it can take up to 2 weeks just to get that. Did you have yours at 12 weeks?

  • Got a letter today. My scan is 28th July. Excited. Feels like so long away.

  • Im experiencing the same issue i heard its normal

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