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How long did it take or your babies to start liking baby food?


Ava's 4 1/2 months and we have been weaning her for a week now as she's been so unsettled at night an went from 5 bottles to 2 pretty much over night. I think this has all been down to teething as she's now cut 2 teeth in the past couple weeks.

Now, we've been giving her farleys rusks for breakfast which she absolutely loves and have been trying numerous different jars of baby food for tea time but she's just not interested what so ever.... She is pretty much back to having her 5 bottles a day but I want to stick to weaning now that we've started.

I know it can take some time for them to get used to different tastes but didn't know weather to try my own purées instead of the jars? Or do you think she's just not ready for weaning?

Any advice or experiences will be greatly appreciated!!x

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I use my own purees as u can start off on just one fruit or veg and get them used to it and gradually introduce new flavours and tbh its much cheaper, Annabel karmel book is gd, gives u gd things to try first and then to introduce, sweet potato is easy and quite a hit x

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Funny you should say that, I tried the sweet potato and beef jar tonight and she lived it!!x

I found my 4mth old hates the jars but loves the boxed porridge and fork-mashed banana. keep trying. Its worth it xx

It may be that she just isnt ready for food yet. Rusks, baby rice and porridge are very milky and bland so they tend to take to them Immediately. If you want to keep trying though id have a go at home made veg puree! So much nicer than jars! And if she refuses, stop and try again in a month or so xx

I never had a problem with my other children they ate everything I gave them but this little monkey took over two months to take solids is a shock to my system but now he tries most things I give him. ..I started pureeing my own food but because he didn't take it I was wasting it so started on jars..... tesco do 12 jars for £5 hipp and cow and gate x

Thank you everyone! Finally found one she liked so hopefully she's eating used to it all :) definitely ping to do my own purées aswell though x

If she likes baby rice & you want her to like a food that she is rejecting you can try mixing up half baby rice + formula & half food you want her to eat, then slowly decrease the amount of baby rice that you mix in. Worked with my little one and avocado.

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