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I've just got some scratch sleeves to stop my LO scratching his eczema at night. I'm not sure how to dress him at night now as obviously these are sleeves so they're an additional layer. He usually wears a long sleepsuit and 2.5 tog sleeping bag. Do you think he'd get too warm with these over his sleepsuit? If anyone else uses them, what do you do at night? Thanks x

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  • When you say scratch sleeves do you mean like mittens but all the way up the arm or the ones built into babygros etc so their hands are covered? If it's the latter I'd say it's fine as its taking the place of the long sleepsuit.

    If it's the first one, if they are thin he should be fine IMO but I'm not a medical professional, just going based on experience of a 2.5 year old with eczema.

    Something I found with my son though, he only seemed to scratch his eczema when he was hot, are you sure you LO isn't too warm already? Xxx

  • Hi they are like mittens that go all the way up the arm and across the back, like a little cardigan.

    The heat does make it worse but he isn't too warm at night, he scratches mostly when he's tired so he usually wakes up in the morning with very sore areas on his head and neck. I'm hoping these will really help as the material on the hands is silk :-) x

  • Aww love him, funny how different children react to tiredness.

    Looking at the website I think they should be fine as they seem breathable as well. Good luck, hope they work :) xxx

  • Thanks :-)

  • I've not got experience of using them, but I would have thought an extra layer on your LO's arms would not lead to him getting too hot - I know my little lad mostly sleeps with his arms flung out and they're often quite cold despite his grobag and sleepsuit x

  • Hiya. I think you're right,my LO also sleeps with his arms out & sometimes his hands are a bit cold. I'll try it tonight, thanks for your opinion x

  • My finley is currently in vest fleece sleepsuit and 2.5 bag with a blanket.. hes cosy and I think it helps him sleep through.. its not very warm at night so I think b fine xx

  • I used to itch my hands if I got too hot on the night until they were raw and I'd do it half asleep...I used to wear gloves to bed when I was young. .. but what u have him in sounds fine also air on my skin like when I was getting undressed used to make me itch so being covered up is better but not getting too hot... and moisturise 3 times a day if u can. ..I Bath baby in dermalo which is the equivalent of oilatum Bath oil and use oilatum scalp shampoo it was great for getting cradle cap off gently as well I only used this as his brothers also suffer from excema and after using johnsons and other products brought him up in a rash...cetraban is a great moisturiser... Sorry for spouting on just thought I'd pass on the info as it might help but u prob are using the same sort of products x

  • Hi,

    I used them on my son and they were brilliant. He had severe atopic eczema all over his body and on his face and scratch sleeves helped to get rid of his scratching habit and his face to heal. I used them during the day too until I was sure he will not scratch. He also slept in long sleeved sleepsuit and 2.5tog bag during cold nights. When it got a bit warmer he was in sleepsuit with short sleeves. Hope this helps. X

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