Pelvis pain and movement

Just wondering is anyone else had experienced this and if it's something to worry about. I got up from bed and felt really stiff, after a few steps I felt a very sharp pain in my pelvis and my pelvis then felt like the right side had slipped back inwards into place and clicked loudly. It was then easier to walk which was fine but just concerned that it could be a problem. I can feel it click now back in to place when rolling over in bed every now and again aswell. Just wanted to see if others have experienced this x

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Hey hun. Sounds like SPD/PDP. It is really common in pregnant women. Generally is worst in the morning after sleeping as you have been in same position for a long period of time. I had this on both my pregnancies and basically cling onto everything when i get up from bed til I arrive at the toilet. When i sit my pelvis makes a big "clunk" and I can walk a lot easier and pain free after it does so :).

What happens is in pregnancy you produce a hormone called elastin which releases all at once! This softens the muscles in your body which allow everything to stretch and adjust for baby. Unfortunately, some of us produce a little too much of it! This then causes the muscles that bind ure pelvis at the front together to get too soft and the front bones of your pelvis start rubbing off of each other and cause you a lot of pain (as you get more free play, allowing your pelvis to move out of place).

If you are not already. Try sleeping with a pillow between your knees. I have a pillow that is big enough to go from my bump right down to my ankles. Keeps everything in place and I generally don't wake up as sore as I could. You may find if you are still equally as sore that a thicker pillow might help more.

Sorry for long post! Hope its helpful! X

P.S, whilst rolling over in bed. Keep pillow between your legs and keep everything together as it puts less stress on your pelvis and should not hurt as much. Also putting a silk sheet (or silk pjs)under you makes it a lot easier to turn over in bed (rather than pjs rubbing against cotton sheet).

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I'm having a lot of pelvic pain, 30 weeks today. It is worse in the nights when I sleep my pubic bone hurts a lot, turning in bed is a quest! Thankfully my midwife referred me for physio and had a fantastic session last week. She recommended pillows between my legs with my hip n ankle aligned, also gave me a maternity support belt for my bump while walking. It has helped me a physio did say walking stairs aggravates the pain and I should minimise that., keeping my knees together while sitting, lying down on the back first and then taking my knees up together. I hope u feel better soon.


I had terrible spd while pregnant and ended up walking with a stick. I went to see a chiropractor at week 34 and the results were amazing, 80% pain free by the next day! It is expensive at £30a session and make sure they have worked with pregnant women before but I honestly couldn't recommend it enough xx


Hiya, im 24 weeks and been experiencing hip pain through the night but i also suffer from really bad coccyx pain when i sit in certain positions so i totally sympatise with you,

I am seeing my midwife on Monday so i think i'll mention it then


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