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Periods after giving birth, lo is 4mths old

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Hi all,

I hope this question doesnt upset anyone with the recent influx of am I preg posts but I was just wondering about ur experience of ur cycles after giving birth.

I had my first period 4wks after the birth and they have been every 4weeks since then on a saturday without fail (despite fully breastfeeding) except this month. Now the first thought that popped into my head was pregnancy and im going to do a test in a few more days just to rule it out as we have been careful. Im only 2days overdue so far.

I was wondering if any of u found that ur period seemed regular and then wasn't?

Thanks in advance and again sorry if this post frustrates or upsets u :( xx

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Mine aren't regular at all yet (not bf), had 2 since jan & it's very unnerving isn't it. Not really the answer your looking for I know but don't worry about your question, in my opinion it's a valid post pregnancy question, & your bright enough to know that it's always a good idea to take a test to rule it out ;)

Thank u. I agree it is unnerving. Mother nature can be a bitch haha. Hows ur lo getting on? Loving ur profile picture x

She definitely likes to mess with your head lol

Awww my milly is great thanks, has a temp at the moment though & sleeping lots this morning :( how about your lo?

Erica is fine. We started a little bit of porridge this week and shes a little constipated today so we are laying off the solid food for a day or 2. Sorry to hear milly is under the weather. The sleep will do her good xx

My lo is 5 months old and I'm ebf, I've had 2 periods since the birth then nothing for 2 months (def not pregnant unless immaculate conception lol) chatted about it to a breast feedIng support group I attend and eveyone there seems to have similar issues

I haven't had any periods since my LO one was born in November. I'm still breastfeeding but starting to bring in more formula feeds now so maybe this will start them off again. It's been nice not to have them though haha!! I wouldn't worry about it, even if you've been regular there are so many hormones flying about post pregnancy I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a blip. If you say you've been careful then I doubt you're pregnant x

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