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I'm 9wks now and went into boots yesterday to get some pregnacare and couldn't believe how much they cost,I didn't end up getting them as I couldn't afford it. I no I should be taking them so when I remembered my last pregnancy (which was a while ago). The doctor gave me a prescription for folic acid . I no quite a bit has changed with anti natal care these days, so I was just wondering if anyone knew if I could still get them on free prescription. I have my booking apt next week so I could mention it then, what do u guys think. Xx.

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  • Congratulations :-)

    Try Pregnacare or Mum to Be vitamins on Amazon, the price likely better

  • I use Seven Seas, which is still pricey. Check places like Boots or a Tesco, as they sometimes have 3 for 2 deals :-)

    As far as I know, we can't have them prescribed unfortunately! X

  • i ust took folic acid and vit d, then made sure my diet was good. much cheaper. but i think if you are on benefits then you may be able to get them free.

  • I've used pregnacare n the basic pregnancy ones are about £3.50 (if I recall) for a months supply which isn't too bad-got mine from Tesco. If not folic acid + separate vit D is another possibly cheaper option. Tesco do their own pregnancy vitamins too which will be cheaper.

  • You can get multivitamins from the supermarket which are much cheaper than pregnacare and have the same vitamins in apart from folic acid. I just took these and bought some folic acid tabs as well when I was pregnant. If you have a pound shop or simular check in there too as they do sometimes have them! It's like anything you pay over the top for a brand and you are conned into thinking you have to use them xxx

  • Folic acid is the most important one. So take that for now then you might be able to get a prescription from your midwife x

  • If taking multivitamins be careful with Vitamin A in pregnancy, they recommend you should'nt have too much.

  • You only need to take folic acid and vit d so have a look as they tend to be cheaper. If you have a childrens centre near you then speak to them , some areas provide the healthy start vitamins for free depending on your circumstances.

  • Yeah I agree with the last comment, you have to stay away from too much vitamin A so a general multivitamin may not be the best thing. You definitely need folic acid for at least the first 3 months and you can buy that really cheaply from a supermarket. I took pregnacare but bought it off amazon as it was cheaper than high street shops x

  • You can get folic acid for less than 50p in places like Wilcos etc. I used that before getting pregnacare on 3for2 at boots. The 1 month packs on 3for2 work out better than the 3 month packs. My midwife said that the own brand pregnancy vitamins were just as good without the price tag.

  • You might get folic acid on prescription from your doctor and vitamin D is another important one you can buy them quite cheap from supermarkets it doesn't have to be a good 'brand'. I took pregnacare throughout pregnancy there are sometimes deals on it such as asdas 3 for 2 etc but if you are eating a healthy balanced diet you should be getting all of the vitamins etc you need anyway so don't worry too much. Good luck :)

  • Congratulations.

    Go into your GP, they will give you a prescription for folic acid. On my son they didnt agree with me so when I went in with my daughter I said I didn't want them - GP said they had no choice they had to give me the prescriptionbut if I was adament I didnt want them just dont take it to the pharmacy. (I did in the end and just stayed off work whilst I had to take them).

  • I went to superdrug and bought their pregnancy tablets. Ingredients are identical to pregnacare. A lot cheaper if u fancy a try. Im sure u can still get folic acid prescribed. U can also but folic acid tabs that are cheap also. I think the MW is on,y generally fussed about u taking folic acid x

  • Thanks ror all your replys they were very helpfull. I think I might just buy a cheap own brand of folic acid and vit d.

    When I went into boots I was picking up £10 plus pregnacare but I was in a rush so I didn't really have a proper look and I haven't seen my midwife officially yet, but thanks to u guys I know what to take now and I can get that sorted before my midwife visit. So thanks again everyone.x.

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