If i just find out I'm pregnant days ago and got into two physical fights and now I'm bleeding blood does that mean I lost my baby?

Okay i got into a big fight with my boyfriend this last weekend n we were fighting so bad he was literally choking me n I have bruises all over my body and just last night i also got into a big fight with two other people I don't even know and of the guys elbowed me in my stomach so hard i started crying right there n they jumped me. I have even more bruises now and i have bruises all over my ribs. My stomach is killing and i keep on peeing blood continuously.. I don't know what to do. Im young and im scared.. I just want to know if my baby is alright.. Hoping someone can help me. I would only be a week and a half if im still pregnant or two weeks.. Im just really scared i dont wanna lose mu baby but i was forced to fight in both situations or get beat up.. Im beat up pretty bad.. Can someone just tell me something please im so scared

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You need to go to the er and have their do some test like a hcg test and a ultrasound to see if its still in there but I have had a few miscarriages and if it hurts and there's blood its probably a miscarriage I'm sorry to have to say that but I'm just saying what I know I'm praying for you hun and hope for the best


Off to e&a with you, if you haven't been already! Sounds like you've really been injured!

Keeping fingers crossed the baby is okay, but as dk4ever77 said, be prepared for the worst. Good luck xxx


If ur peeing blood then u def need to get checked...u need to go to hospital. ..u should not have to go thru this on ur own u need to get away from ur boyfriend and who ever else is hurting u....pls pls speak up there are people out there that can help u...u need to be strong for urself and ur baby u can get out of the area and be safe x


Please, please call 0808 2000 247 - it's a free phone number. Refuge, is a charity that will help you in confidence and advise you about how to stay safe and give you all the help you need. Apart from urgently needing to get checked out by a hospital (they will really help you), but you need to contact Refuge for help with your situation. They are brilliant. Your boyfriend is abusing you physically and your situation is a very dangerous one - you may not realise it. Violence of this kind can occur or dramatically increase when you get pregnant. Believe me, I've worked for young women in your situation for some time. They didn't always realise how bad the situation was because they had become used to it. Please contact them and do let the hospital know as well. You don't deserve this kind of treatment.

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Everyone first let me say thank you.. For the love and honesty that night i wrote this i left him..with only a bus ticket and $6 in my pocket left the city found a job andprayed every moment.. Happily ever after to this is i am still pregnant healthy 6 ½ weeks doing everything i can to keep my baby healthy and protected thank you again it means so much to me ill be in touch god bless to you all!!


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