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Wondering if you're pregnant?

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If you are keen (or not so keen) to conceive, you might be watching very carefully and wondering: ‘am I pregnant’.

The very early signs of pregnancy are not always clear. We provide answers to some common questions on the NCT website: nct.org.uk/pregnancy/am-i-p.... Please check this out first before posting in the community which is here to connect new and expectant parents.

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A good try but I doubt it will stop them asking the same question 10 times a day :(

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Thanks for the message. We have also added information in the welcome email and also added categories to filter the posts. We are hoping it will help as we want the community to be interesting and engaging for all our members.

Please post this in the questions section too as that is where most are posted

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NCTcharityPartner in reply to Numbers

Thanks - have just posted that now.

Can someone please answer my question ?

See above your post both feeds, someone has even come in this feed to bully us for answers!

I don't want to know everyone's age(quite frankly it's generally irrelevant) what they have been up to, about there unusual bleed as most seen to have bled and all their symptoms despite just having sex. Can you understand?

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Numbers in reply to Numbers

*their ....tut tut, slap my hand!

Perhaps this original post needs to be slightly stronger worded to say:

"don't bother asking the forum if you're pregnant as we are not clinicians or virtual pregnancy tests. Your GP, sexual health clinic or perhaps school nurse can assist you with your 'am I pregnant?' question. And if you're too embarrassed to ask your GP or other medical professional then you shouldn't be having sex".

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Blueskies4me in reply to

Quite rude I think,people come here to seek advice from those who might have had similar situations,what is so hard about offering some comfort to someone in need.

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Elimq in reply to

Some people want comfort

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