Help! I’m 23 years old and I’m really scared. :confused:

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I were fooling around a little. He placed the tip of his (unprotected) penis on my vagina for a second, but didn't enter (we've never had actual intercourse together). When we were done there was a sharp pain from deep inside my vagina...

I'm also having stomach pain...that too very painful (sometimes) since then. There is no chance my boyfriend or I have an STD, as I am still a virgin, and he has only had sex with one other girl and they were both clean virgin’s at the time.

So I’m not sure if pregnancy is something to worry about, but I did urinate more than usual since that day. I'm very scared that I could be pregnant…

Please help! :( :( :(

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  • I'm going to be really rude !!!! Your fucking stupid !!!!!

  • Woooah! - steady-on


  • Hi,

    I think it's very unlikely that you're pregnant as you said here in your post you didn't actually have intercourse aka sex so no matter how your boyfriend's penis may have rubbed on your vagina you didn't have penetrative sex & therefore means his sperm ( if he did ejaculate any) wouldn't have entered far enough in your vagina.

    Do you think you could just be thinking too much about symptoms which are not actually there ?

  • Just an fyi, even with non- penetrating sex there is still a chance of getting pregnant. Pre cum can also contain sperm. Pls check ur info before posting.

  • Hi caroline,

    Im not sure if this info was to address me but to my knowledge pre-cum I.E penis being rubbed up against the vagina probably has a zero to 5% chance of becoming pregnant.

    I am only telling the truth here & i wouldn't feel the need to answer this post if i didn't think my answer wasn't constructive enough.!!


  • Don't feed the troll please. If we keep answering stupid questions, they'll keep coming.

  • Haha how stupid

    I may aswell say i had a dick rub my belly button am i pregnant !!!

  • Haaha! - i know!

    I shouldn't even have answered this bollocks but it's just so difficult not to.


  • This is utterly ridiculous.

  • Guys, I honestly think these posts are written by foreign women (hence they sound a bit 'weird'), perhaps from countries where sex education isn't the greatest and contraception not as widely available. Internet is their main source of knowledge as (maybe) talking to doctors isn't that easy, and you can't buy pregnancy test in EVERY shop. I wouldn't get that mad at them.

  • I agree with what you are saying here Pat. This is what I also thought (particularly because no one seems to be getting the hint with the posts to take a test).

    But regardless if sex education is taught or not, it is mostly common sense. If you are mature enough to "fool around" then you should know by now that Santa Claus is not real and babies are not delivered by storks.

    My mum never had the "talk" with me, the sex education given at school is pretty shocking, but I know what does and doesn't produce a baby.

    As harsh as this is, some people are just stupid. It is very concerning the number of people that have no idea about sex education.

  • You have nothing 2 worry about if u didn't have interourse there is no way you are pregnant the stomach pains could be something else go 2 a doctors and I've recently had a child and in my experience theres no stomach pains as such just cramps in the early stages but still no need to panic your safe =)

  • K I'm not trying to be mean but hun ur man probably gave you chlymidia just because he told you he's not sleeping with anyone lol come on now you need to be tested for stds

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