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Am I pregnant?

I am trying for baby number two and was sure I was pregnant. My periods are very random. . The last one being about 6 weeks ago very light. My partner and I last tried 19 days ago. Between then and now I had sore nipples for over a week (npw gone). Have had white discharge for last 12 days which has turned brown ish. I have been having cramps fpr last two days in lower tummy hips lower back.. I had a negative test this morning? Could I be testing too early? I am not regular for periods so I cant go by that?

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If ur periods aren't regular it's hard to say when u ovulate sounds like ur coming on ur period...u need to have sex every other day from the day ur period finishes to maximise ur chances... Start taking pregnacare sometimes vitamin defiency can interfere with fertility


Hi, I too have irregular periods and used an app on my iphone called "monthly cycles" the app icon is a is a free app I used that allows you to keep track of your period and can go into detailed ways of how you are feeling etc, how heavy your period is and what day it starts/stops etc etc. it can also give you your ovulation days (or your days there are a higher chance of conceiving). This may help you a little as it certainly helped us conceive my two LOs. You should maybe wait another week and see if your period appears, if not then take a test first pee in the morning x


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