Can I be pregnant or is it something different?

Ok so im 19 and my boyfriend and I have been using the pullout method for months. My periods have been regularly coming every 28 days and normally are kinda heavy day 1&2 then slowly taper off over the next 4 days. I always get cramps for 3 days beforehand and slight bloating but no other pms symptoms. My 'period' came 3 days late this month, with no cramps. I then got it and it was really light on day 1 with a small cramp for maybe an hour. On day 2 it seems like a normal period, for about 12-15 hours. Then it basically vanished except occasional brown blood spotting and was gone halfway through day 4. I've been sleeping a lot more and getting tired very easily. I've been going to the bathroom like every 2-3 hours. I've gained about 6-8 lbs in about 5-6 days but I also feel like I'm always hungry (I usually never am). Also, I've been nauseous a lot and it goes away briefly after i eat. Ifeel like my stomach is bigger and my boobs were really sore and still feel bigger to me, which is a first.

Also, I just have this gut feeling that I am....

Also, I cant remember if this was real or a dream but I remember like 2 weeks ago I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I thought I saw a little bit of pink on the tp and I remember thinking its too early for my period. I wiped again and had nothing and that was it. Then this happened. Im so worried that something might actually be up. Someone help please?

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  • Read my latest post.

  • Go get a test you sound pregnant to me that's how all my pregnancys start good luck and yeah pull out method really only works for a Lil while my twins were pull out method

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