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could i be pregnant?

hi everyone. im wondering if i could be pregnant. me and my husband been tryin for almost 5 years and we never got pregnant. june of 2013 i got the depo shot just to see if it'll mess wit my hormones and might get pregnant once the medicine fades away so i didnt took another shot after that one time. then march of 2014 i took the pills for only a week or two then stopped it because i heard it might be harder to get pregnant. i had my pill period (which is the same as my normal menstrual days that last to 7 days) i think it is a week after stopping, then a week exactly after that period i had it again but only 3 days spotting on first and 3rd day but really light the 2nd day. could i be pregnant?? anything resources could help. thanks!

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Your only shot of knowing is if you take a test.


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