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I think im pregnant, how do I know.

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On Friday March 16th me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he didnt cum inside of me but saturday and sunday he did. Ever since Saturday I have been tired, hungry, cramps in my lower stomach, headaches, increase of urination, and I also have diarrhea. I never know when I am ovulating or on my period because I dont get my period, I am 20 years old and havent had my period in 4 years so im not sure how to know when im pregnant. Please help me, I hope.I am.

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Only way u are going to find out is to take a test or go to u r gp

Take a test

Take a test

Do you mean May 16? (Since March didn't have a Friday the 16th.) if so, you wouldn't have pregnancy symptoms yet. Embryos implant 6-10 days after ovulation.

As others have said, only way to know for sure is to wait two weeks and take a home pregnancy test or have a blood test done.

Do a test.

Is it not obvious how you'll know?? Take a test or see the doctor like all other women!

WOW just WOW ....Any unprotected sex can get you pregnant. March 16th was a Sunday if you mean 'can you be pregnant and have symptoms already from this date ? of course yes but if you have taken a test and is no then you are likely not pregnant...... If by the 16th may you mean you've had these symptoms then it is possible that your getting your period they throw out the same symptoms. Also implantation would be upto 10 days and my dear we are still only on day 5

Do a test and if it is negative and your symptoms still persist then go and see your GP.

Thank you so much. I was just unsure because I dont get my period so I can't tell that way.

And I no its soon to feel symptoms since I jist had sex on saturday and sunday but I have cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, I am peeing lots and these are all signs.

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Then you clearly need to go and see a doctor as it could be something else.

Diarrheoa is not a sign of pregnancy at all, this is clearly something else, I had diarrhoea throughout half my pregnancy and it was due to a condition which was diagnosed post birth, diarrhoea is not related to pregnancy

I have called public health and they said that some woman are different they can feel they are pregnant the day after, my sister knew the next day. Im going for blood work today.

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I don't mean to sound rude but if you're going for a blood test why write this post?

Will blood work tell today?

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