Am I pregnant?

So I slept with someone two weeks ago today and I'm concerned I'm pregnant even though he didn't y'know. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and they have all been negative but I'm also aware you're supposed to wait 3 weeks before using a home pregnancy test for them to be accurate. I've had lots of symptoms as listed below:

Heart burn


Aching back and stomach

Sore, veiny boobs

Twinges in lower right stomach


Bleeding gums

Peeing more

Always tired


Bad stomach grumbling

As well as this my period still hasn't come. It was supposed to come 2 weeks ago but I started the contraceptive pill last week so I'm unsure if I would have had my period by now or not. If anyone has any advise I would be very grateful, thinking about this is driving me insane, thanks! X

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Why would u have the contraceptive pill last week if u even had the tiniest thought in ur head that u were pregnant? They advise u not to. I'd wait and see if u get a period then if not take another test but I doubt u will get a period now if ur taking the pill


If the tests are negative how do you expect us to tell you if your pregnant or not?? Go and see your gp if your still concerned.


The pill can mess your body system up so your symptoms may be relating to that. All I can suggest is if you don't want to get pregnant then stop having unprotected sex. You need to be ringing your doc back who issued you with the pill and asking them to take a blood test to make sure. If it is false then maybe ask them to go through the pill instructions again with you so you know it is the right method of contraception for you.


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