Excessive sweating after childbirth-why????? Help!

Since giving birth 8 weeks ago I have been sweating excessively in bed every night. I've been told its my hormones settling down, is this true? And if so how long does it generally last? my quilt, sheet and light pjs are absolutely soaked and its really getting me down. I also had an induction so wad pumped full of hormones, and have postnatal depression which I dint think has been helped by the induction. Has anyone experienced any of this???? :[

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Oh yes the dreaded hormones I did get it well still do had it a few times in pregnancy as well completely drenched give it another couple of months... But I think u are more in tune with ur body and hormones after u have had a baby x


Hi heggy,

I believe it's mainly down to the pregnancy HCG hormone we develop throughout the pregnancy.

As you also mentioned it probably hasn't helped as you was induced as it can take a couple of months at least for the stimulants in the induction to wear out of your system.

As you mentioned you suffered with postnatal depression have you been taking any medication for that ?

As this may also be playing a part with the excessive sweating.

Our weather is also getting increasingly warmer so I'm sure it'll pass in its own time.



I have this too. I wake up totally sopping wet, stuck to the bed sheets and smelling foosty. Was told hormones and breast feeding.


My lo is almost 8 weeks old and I too was induced with 3 different methods and ended up with emergency c section. I am the same but it has started to improve. It could be a mix of hormones and other meds. I would speak to your HV or Gp if you are concerned about it. X


I had this for the last 10-12 weeks of my pregnancy, it was that bad I started to sleep naked on top of the duvet and that still didn't help! I would still wake up to the bedclothes dripping with sweat, I still suffer with it now !


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