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Tips for TTC


Hi girls, I'm new here & just looking for some reassurance!

I'm about to finish taking the pill (Dianette) and my husband and I are hoping to start trying for a baby. I'm extremely anxious about it all as I've had gyn issues since I was young and am terrified I can't conceive. Is there anything worth trying to help increase our chances, any tried and feasted suggestions? (My GP has stated that there's nothing stopping us from falling pregnant naturally despite gyn history).

Thanks I'm advance!


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Start taking pregnacare some fertility problems are just down to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals vitamin B12 is a good one also in pregnacare.. so it won't hurt for u and hubster to take them. .He can take the mens version... and also they contain folic acid which u should take ttc as well. .. and just relax and enjoy the baby making. .. All the best :)

Hey there and welcome April, it is understandable that you are anxious about it especially now as you have made the decision to try for a baby. I too have in the past had Gyne issues and more recently prior to pregnancy was treated for Endometriosis and I conceived twice since, I lost one pregnancy but my other was successful and I have an adorable 8 month old son now.

The best advice I could give you is simply go with the flow and relax. From what I understand you can be extremely fertile when coming off the pill. Before you were taking it, do you know how long your cycle was? If so, to gestimate when you will ovulate.....count back 14 days from the start of your period and this will give you a clue as your fertile period, then ideally nookie every other day to get good mature sperm. Also your OH could take vitamins in the form of Zinc or something like Wellman and you should probably decide if you are going to take Pre-conception vitamins yourself to increase the folic acid. x

Buy some ovulation strips (they're only a couple of quid off amazon) and use them for a few months so you get to know exactly when you ovulate. Since I came off the pill my periods were a bit irregular and I didn't ovulate at the same time each cycle so the strips really helped.

The best time to conceive is the day of ovulation but you can also fall pregnant by having sex up to 5 days before (sperm can live for up to 5 days) and 1-2 days after (after the egg is released it will die within 48 hours).

Also don't be stressed out if your periods are irregular when you finish the pill. It can actually take up to 12 months before your body is rid of all the fake hormones.

And if you don't fall pregnant straight away it doesn't mean you have problems. It takes a year on average to conceive! Getting anxious or obsessed over it won't help either, just relax and take it as it comes!

Good luck xx

i would echo jacksonla. being stressed definitely affects how likely you are to conceive. we just went with the flow and now i have a 5 month old daughter. i didnt have any periods after coming off the pill (for three months) but you ovulate before your period so you can get pregnant without having a period. i hope you have a bump on the way soon xx

Thanks girls! I really do appreciate your comments. Feeling a bit more positive about it all, we're not telling a soul about trying for a baby as I think that can add to the pressure of falling pregnant quickly. I've ordered some Pregnacare vitamins so will start taking them once they've arrived. Fingers crossed & thanks again! X

Relax and be good to yourself. Learn the natural signs of ovulation and see if you can predict naturally when you are fertile perhaps although strips are good too. Try not to be too tense and keep it fun and enjoyable good luck.

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