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Pregnant or Not. Bloods and 2 positive tests

i did a home pregnancy test which was positive, doctors one was weak positive, blood hcg low levels plus i had a scan but didnt show much, have to go for another scan in two weeks, very confused whether im pregnant or not, any advice would be great

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Hi Loz,

Home pregnancy tests are designed to detect & measure a possible HCG hormone in our urine.

It is therefore impossible to get a wrong positive reading from a pregnancy test (even if very faint) a positive result = you're pregnant.

Congratulations & good luck on your next scan.



Thank you Ann


Hi Loz, defo sounds as though ure preg hun. Probably just early on so thats why the weak positive. I was same with my second pregnancy. Wish u luck :) x


Thank you for your reply, i had a second blood test yesterday spoke to the nurse my hcg levels are rising so defo early pregnancy having to go for another scan in two weeks, still a shock to system wasnt planned.


Hi, yup early indeed. Naturally u will be in shock hun but i can easily say (and be backed up by other fellow mums). Whether baby is planned or a surprise, it is without a doubt the most rewarding experience ever.

I hope you have a supportive group of people around you and we are always here for guidance too if u need it :) x

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