Im soo confused i have all the symptoms of pregnancy then i had a x ray done and they told me i have stool in my stomach..someone plz help

the only reson im confused is because my breast are tender and getting larger my back aches my period has yet to come and i feel a lot of movement in my stomach more like a baby rather than stool and if in deed it is stool isn't this a serious matter because it seems to be alot goin on .Is it possible to be pregnant and have feces floating in my stomach....and by the way i was rushed out of the hospital with papers stating i have constipation and i was never shown the x rays so im still kind of leary last thing all pregnacy test were negative

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Firstly before u have an X-ray they are suppose to ask u if there is any chance u r pregnant to which u should of replied yes especially if ur showing symptoms next thing you need to see ur doctor request some bloods to be done

Sounds like you are already being treated by a doctor, why not just ask them? We can't diagnose you we are not doctors. Hope you find out what's wrong soon

My mum had a serious bowel condition which caused her intestines to leak feaces into her abdomen, she was basically on deaths door, gravely ill and required emergency 10 hour surgery. Based onthis, If you had stool in your stomach you would not have been discharged. Perhaps you have mis understood what the hospital have told you?

No chance you can feel baby moving at this stage even if you were pregnant, baby is smaller than a poppy seed.

Go to your GP and tell them what you have said here. You are obviously confused and need clarification. If there was stool in stomach I agree don't think you would be discharged but I'm no doctor. Also you can ask to see X-ray. If pregnant and further on, feeling movement, etc. you would think tests should be positive. Doctors are human though and can make mistakes so if you're not happy with treatment you should seek second opinion. Trust your instincts and question further until you are satisfied you know full picture. Did you have an ultrasound before X-ray? Also, there is a rare condition of 'false pregnancy' could be worth looking into. Best wishes.

You wouldn't be able to feel a baby move at this point, i do think you need to make an appointment asap with your GP for him to explain results of your xray as you seem rather confused by what is wrong with you, I think first and foremost that is what you need to do x

They told me the same thing a week later popped pregnant

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