Moving baby to his own room

Hi all, I would be grateful to hear about your experiences moving your LOs into their own rooms. Did they sleep better? What age did you do it?

Our little boy will be 5 months old at the end of May. He is ebf and for the past 8 weeks or so has been feeding 2 hourly through the night, he is also a fretful sleeper. I'm often up 4-6 times a night to feed / settle him (which takes at least 30 mins sometimes an hour) and I'm exhausted.

He has managed occasional nights with only one feed so I know he can do it, and I don't mind getting up for 2 or 3 feeds through the night - I can manage on that, but the current situation is leaving me run down and exhausted to the point where I'm scared to drive!

We tried co sleeping but I don't sleep well with him in the bed so I dont want to persevere with it.

I am thinking about moving his cot into his own room in the hope he will sleep better. What do you think?

Thanks :)

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You'll never know until you try. We moved our lg at 4.5 months, because we didn't have room for the cot in our bedroom and she filled the crib she was in. Get someone to help you out for a couple of nights, your mum or mother-in-law or a good friend and get some sleep. They can settle him or get you up if he needs feeding, then you'll find out how long he can go without a feed. Offer more feeds during the day? It could be those pesky teeth are moving around and upsetting him, try a bit of calpol the first time he wakes up?

Speak to your health visitor, she might have some tips. Does your Sure Start children's centre have a sleep advisor? I think my local one does, ask them. Don't put up with being that deprived of sleep, it's not good for either of you. Hope you find something that works for both of you quickly.


Hey I moved my little girl into her own room when she was 6 mths. I had to, every squeak she made woke me up. And lack of sleep isn't good for the mood whatsoever. I found that the more she eats during the day the better she sleeps. I weaned her at 4 mths because she was so hungry. Don't be abit frightened to wean at 5 months. Your little one won't break ;) or maybe hungrier baby milk. A good tip during night feeds is do not talk to them because they willl want to stay up. Remember its not forever and ask for help xx


My little one was in a Moses basket from birth which she use to wake up several times a night so we put her in her cot in our room at 8 weeks and immediately she slept all the way through, I was very hesitant about putting her in her own room as I wouldn't be able to see her even though we have video monitors, reluctantly I eventually did so at 5 and half months and she wasn't disturbed at all by the transition and is still happily in her own room now at 11 months! :)


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