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17 and tons of pregnancy symptoms?

Hello, I know this is a little odd considering my age, so please don't judge as if I am it was entirely accidental. I had sex with my boyfriend everyday in the week of the 17-23 of April and in two of those the times the condom broke. (Once was understandable but twice..?) They broke on the 21st and 23rd and my period wasn't set to come until May 7th but it showed up on April 29th. It wasn't a regular period though, it was super light pink and then a it was like brown spotting and lasted only for two days. In the day I was spotting brown I got a really sharp twinge of pain in my uterus and since then have been having very mild cramps on and off. I've been eating like a pig which is highly unusual for me being as I usually only eat once a day. Almost every day I've been experiencing discomforting pain in my lower back, though it's nothing to bad to make me take pain medicine. I was constipated for a few days but yesterday and today I have really bad diarrhea (TMI I'm sorry) and the cramps aren't regular cramps now it feels like tugging or stretching. Also I have this really creamy white discharge coming out quite often, more often then it does between my regular periods though it's still virtually odorless. Also I usually only go pee one to two times per day and for the last week or so I've been going pee four to six times per day. And again TMI but my pee has tremendously changed in color it's like yellow now and oh my god the smell is awful, so much so I feel the need to spray air freshener after peeing. I've also been extremely tired the last few days. I slept for twelve hours the other night and still was tired all day. Twice since this "period" when I stand up after laying down I have to sit because I got extremely dizzy. My breasts were slightly sensitive the first day or two but are fine now, though the areolas look slightly darker? And I don't feel nauseas but I have even getting an overwhelming urge to vomit, though it never comes. Any thoughts? Please no negativity.

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Hi, some of your symptoms are very similar to early pregnancy signs ie, spotting, creamy discharge, urge to vomit, darker areolas....but back pain so early on is is your pee having a really bad odour.. You could be pregnant and have a bladder infection/ kidney infection? Have you taken a pregnancy test yet? Hope it works out for you and that you make the best decision for you and your baby (if you are pregnant) Nobody has the right to judge you. Best of luck :)


The only way you can tell is by doing a pregnancy test.


The bad smell of your urine and change in colour suggests you are dehydrated too, which could make any uti much worse. You should shop a pregnancy test, but also pop into your doctors with a urine sample as they can check for an infection really easily. The back pain and cramps can be an early sign of pregnancy, but they too can indicate a uti. By the way urinary tract infections are very common when you have had a lot of sex, although they aren't sti's at all, so the 'pregnancy symptoms' may be completely by chance. To put your mind art rest I would do a home test and talk to your doctor. You have nothing to be ashamed of, and doctors are not there to judge, explain all of your symptoms and see what they say.

Take care.


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