Baby Peter is here (I'm a little late postings)

Well, hes here and was 10 days ago just haven't got round to doing anything yet! My last post was on queenies body preparing for labour on fri 2nd and I was indeed in early labour, unfortunately little one didnt arrive until mon 5th! 3 nights with next to n sleep and highly irregular contractions which meant I didnt get to our birthing centre until I was fully dilated and was pushing in their corridor! Because we chose a birthing centre they only gave me 2 hours to push and babys head was at slightly the wrong angle and my contractions remained irregular and not as strong as they should have been, so then we got a ride in an ambulance, blue lights and all to a city hospital. Once there I was hooked up to a drip, contractions became more regular and stronger, given am episiotomy and baby was born. Only about 6 hours pushing to get there!! Baby peter george, 8lb 6.5oz born on 05/05 at 9.25 :)

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  • Woohoo congratulations xx

  • Awww yay :) congratulations xxxx

  • Thanks ladies xxx

  • Ahhhh lovely congrats x

  • Congratulations x

  • :-)

  • Congratulations! Love the name, too! Hope you're both keeping well X

  • Well done, great news :)

  • Firefly! Looks like u had urs too, little girl or boy? Congrats xxx

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