6 weeks pregnant and i am experiencing spotting of all colors. brownish then a little pink then a little red and then back to brown.normal?

i wiped and saw red for a few seconds and then it went away. i normally feel it coming out so i wipe constantly to make sure its not bright in color. i have no cramping or anything to scare me more and i am seeing my dr tomorrow. i have had an ultrasound and was spotting prior just a bit less but everything seemed to be fine. what could this be?


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  • Apparently this type of early bleeding is really common. I've had several friends who said something similar. I'm having light pink bleeding at the moment, started this morning. I spoke to the early pregnancy unit today and was told to monitor it and call back if I was still bleeding in 2 days, or before then if I had any pain or if the bleeding got redder or heavier. I was told this is really really common in early pregnancy and not to worry too much at this stage. Fingers crossed, because I miscarried at 6 weeks in January so really hope this one sticks. I'm only about 5 weeks now so no real point in scanning as won't be much to see either way...

  • Had to go for a blood test at the weekend, and my blood hcg was 603, which is apparently in the right range. Going back again tomorrow for another blood test to see if the level is doubling correctly, fingers crossed.

  • I was exactly the same the day after my missed period I started bleeding and then bled for a month. .It's petrifying... I can't say pls try not to worry because u can't help it. ..take it easy for the next few weeks while ur body is adjusting to being pregnant x

  • Hello, I just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone with the spotting. I spotted red and brown at 5-7 weeks and then a big bleed at 8 weeks and currently I am 24 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby and I still now get pink-red spots on the loo roll (sorry TMI). My midwife said it can be normal for some women to spot, especially in the first 12 weeks when the baby is implanting and the uterus is stretching. I know how worried you must be (trust me I have been there myself plenty of times) you just have to be reassured that spotting on its own without cramping or pain doesn't mean much so early in pregnancy. All of my early bleeds were unexplained, it can just be that some women spot and others don't. Try not to worry :)

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