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Can I be pregnant


I have been feeling a lil off my boobs are sore more then normal a little nauseous and my cervical mucus is different the usual when I'm getting ready to start my period so I bought a at home pregnancy test it came up positive faint positive but there took one this morning and it was faint also but im not supposed to get my period till Sunday but this morning had a lil bleeding I'm wondering if I am truly pregnant or got a false positive

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Sounds like you might be with a positive, as faint as it is hormone levels rise daily so as you have tested pre period I would wait a week and retest for confirmation..

Take care :-)

Thanks that helps

Faint positive is still a positive. Would be very unusual to get false positive, more likely to get false negatives. I agree with cheekymonkey to retest if your uncertain in a few days but would respect your body as if you were pregnant at the moment and start taking folic acid. The doctors could also confirm if you take a sample to them. Take your first morning sample as this will be the strongest.

Thank you I'm going to I tested last night n it was faint and again this morning and it was faint I think it's because my expected period isn't due till Sunday

Looks like your pregnant to me as my consultant said you can get a false positive

Sorry that should have said can't not can x

I had my husband buy a digital clear blue test n took it this morning and it said pregnant so I'm most likely sure I'm pregnant got three positives thank you ladies

Congratulations hun zx

Thank you

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